Harmful forever chemicals found in toilet paper worldwide

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Researchers have recently suggested that toilet paper could be a major contributor for controversial PFAS / 'forever chemicals' entering the wastewater treatment systems around the world.

They tested dozens of major toilet paper samples from around the world, at least 21 brands of product were tested.

All of the samples that were tested worldwide seemed to contain the compounds.

They say that the waste that gets flushed might be a significant source of water pollution.

The forever chemicals are named as such because they aren't known to break down naturally and it refers to thousands of different chemicals that can be commonly used to make consumer products in the market.

They tested major toilet paper brands around the world though they didn't name any popular name brands for now.

Researchers say that this could open the door to further research that might look into what implications this might have for people who are using the products directly on a daily basis. For now there isn't such research available yet on how it might enter the body through the wiping process.

Researchers have been studying this issue for years to uncover just how prevalent these chemicals are in our society today, and toilet paper hasn't been commonly mentioned as a source.

These chemicals have been found just about everywhere, including in the blood of hundreds of animals including whales, ticks, turtles, scorpions, pandas, dogs, tigers, sea lions, oysters, and others.

Researchers have noted that we as a society need to decide what to do about it but they are also still investigating the impacts and extent of the problem around the world as well. If there is any risk of harm that could come to communities and individuals through consumption of and exposure to these chemicals then you can't blame many for wanting to try and rid the market of them as best as possible.



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