By 2040 Flying Car Market Could Be Worth Trillions

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There is a lot of investment and interest pushing for a flying car reality. Millions of dollars has been going toward researching and innovating flying cars for the commercial market.

It's anticipated that we might actually see this become a reality within the next few years. Where might this market spring up first? Will it be only for medical needs first? Tourism? General transportation to cut down on the horrible traffic experience that millions suffer with?

At the upcoming GITEX Global 2022 this is going to be an exciting event this year because it will host the first global public flight for an eVTOL flying car design that was built by Xpeng.

You might have already seen some of the footage for the flying car on YouTube.

The upcoming GITEX GLOBAL 2022 event is supposed to host thousands of companies and there will be tens of thousands of attendees coming in from all over the world.

We can expect that there will be some companies at the event that are showcasing info or products in the metaverse, web3, blockchain space as well.

There are many people who are working to see this possibility become realized and for it to be introduced to multiple regions around the world. If there is enough interest, and there seems to be, it might open up more transportation options for people around the world in the future.

From cutting travel time between cities, being able to offer affordable mobility transportation options, there are various benefits that have been linked with the industry.

It is expected that over time this transportation option will get cheaper and become more widely available as cost declines. However, we might not see much private solo ownership in the industry for quite some time, if that ever does get embraced.

There might be a lot of questions and roadblocks to get there but many are determined to continue working on a vision for a better transportation industry than we are experiencing today. As for the size of the market? It has been estimated previously that by 2040 it could be worth anywhere between $1.5-3 trillion.