A New Wave of Robot Servers

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There is a new kind of restaurant service that is popping up in one business after another and that is robot servers that are bringing food to the table, taking orders at the drive-thru, and more.

Cost of robots for restaurants

The robots could cost thousands of dollars in operation fees monthly.

According to the National Restaurant Association there are many businesses that are currently understaffed, about 4 in 5 operations are struggling to keep people hired.

When those companies continue to struggle to hire people and keep people showing up to keep things running smoothly this can cost the business a great deal and some businesses have had to close their doors or limit hours because of it.

There is a need here that the machinery is filling and the upfront cost or monthly cost to run the robot servers, even if it is thousands of dollars, could still save them money. This is why many are doing it and a number of restaurants have signed up to participate in pilot operations using these types of service bots.

Some estimates have suggested it could save restaurants anywhere from 30% to 70%, it depends on the operation and more.

They also have the reliability in knowing the robot will show up for work and that position they need filled will be covered for the day. The goal is that more automation is going to help streamline operations, keep things cost effective, and keep turning out great food to customers that they enjoy. It could also mean a reduction in certain jobs in the market as well.

The lack of interested workers for these positions is one of the things that has been arguably greatly driving the demand and adoption that we have been seeing.

It is expected that this will only continue to grow and if you haven't yet you might start seeing these machines delivering your food to your table at your next restaurant visit, or shaking up your drink at the bar. Hospitals, restaurants, hotels, there are a wide range of places we will start seeing more service bots utilized to carry out various tasks.

hard to replace jobs

Some of the most difficult jobs in the restaurant industry for robots to replace though look to be chefs, managers, wait staff, and bartenders, with other positions like drive-thru operators, baristas, hosts, and cashiers, seem to be easier to replace with automation, according to Capterra research.

So far these robots serving in restaurants have been spotted at businesses in places like Hawaii, California, South Carolina, Kentucky, Nevada, New York, Seattle, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, and many other areas around the United States.

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