My First Post On The Hive Blockchain

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My name is Samuel Alex from ondo state Nigeria. I am from a family of 4 and am the first born.

I was introduced to the hive blockchain by a dear brother and friend of mine @marvinix and he made it known to me that hive is a place full of all sort of opportunities from learning a lot about new things and learning more about cryptocurrency through the Leofinance community.

The fact that I can also learn and earn is a cool idea. Though it’s not the main aim here, because he made it known to me that having a long term plan on the blockchain is always the best option.

Am here to learn new things and that’s my first aim in setting up my account , I wish to know enough if not all and everything about cryptocurrency.

I am a jovial person and I do like to smile a lot, especially with my friends which @marvinix is one of them.

The fact that he really made the effort to analyze the do’s and don’t on this platform. How there is a very strict rule against plagiarism and writing sh*t Post on the blockchain.

My favorite color is Red. I do love the peakd site than the site , due to the simplicity and the designs.

I am well aware of the types of communities that are on hive , which he made it clear that each community has its own rules and guidelines.

I would like to introduce myself now to each and everyone of the communities here on the hive blockchain.

No matter the type of community and their rules, I think I’ll be able to adapt to each rules and always keep adding value with my blogs which I will be sharing with you in my next post.

So, stay tuned folks.....🥸

I am quite not sure of things that you would like to know about me, which is why i feel it’ll be a good idea if you would speared a minute of your time to ask me in the comment section below this post😊.

I would gladly answer each and everyone’s questions with true honesty.

*You can kindly follow me to see my next post which is currently in progress......

Lets be friends🙃

Have a blessed day ahead everyone.

Thanks for coming this far


welcome, I hope you enjoy and above all make others enjoy reading your post

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Hi welcome @alexkidding you are lucky because there is one that guides you. I was a blind man in social blockchain so that I made no good socialization at first.

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Welcome to hive. @marvinix is doing a wonderful job of spreading the word about the hive platform in his local community and getting more people on-boarded here.

Welcome, please be careful in the use of tags and use relevant tags to your content. For example #STEM being Science Technology Engineering Math.

@alexkidding, I am personally welcoming you to hive, guess that we are both from the same town ONDO, and both informed about hive by @marvinix.

I am trying hard to inform more of our people following @marvinix footstep, lol. I hope you do the same to. You can actually change a live.

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Thanks for your kind words brother.

You're always welcome

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Welcome to the blockchain brother, took you a while to make your introductory post.

You're doing well 😀

I am sure you'll love it here.