Will Machine Learning Engineers be extinct by 2030? 🤔

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My face when I read that Machine Learning Engineers will be extinct in 10 years 😐


First of all, when did you get the idea that the Machine Learning Engineer as such existed? It has always been a part of a software engineer’s toolkit.

Think about it, the title as such had only been showing in the market for a few years. In fact, who cares about the title, call it Statistician, Advanced Analytics, Advanced Statistics, Statistics, Data Scientist... call it whatever you prefer, you most likely will be having the ML skills regardless. You had it, you have it, and you will still have it in the future.

I don’t understand why people want to keep generating misinformed content. In the 1950s it was not called ML, but developers were still making computer programs that would emulate ML features. What about those amazing libraries that make researchers’ life easier? I am going to tell you a secret: researchers + software engineers 😱

What are you talking about? You might be wondering... what I am trying to say is that most of the ML enthusiasts that I encounter are focusing exclusively in learning ML algorithms only or trying to memorize all those cool ML libraries.

Before I got the position I am covering right now, I always knew what most part of the job would be: software development. Yes, I do cool stuff like integrating ML into computer programs, I build custom ML libraries... what did you think a ML engineer does? Do you think you are just going to be hired to apply supervised learning algos to data? -> that’s the wrong path then, it’s definitely not ML engineering.

In my opinion, you need to have a very strong background in programming and computer systems and the ML part can come before or after, doesn’t really matter. And those skills required in the past, are required in the present and will be required in the future. It is not that we will be extinct, it’s just that people are using the term wrong and dreaming about a position that has never existed and will never exist!

I got emotional with this topic, I know. Cheers.

What’s your opinion?


I just feel that soon with the way technology is developing, extinct is possible.

Possible, but I think the skillset of a developer will just be re-defined or re-alocated elsewhere for technology to keep evolving :)

That's also true

It won't be 10 years. It won't be ever. The technology will continue to evolve because humans will be there to guide it onward.

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I agree

Honestly, I don't see where some of these estimates come from. I'm not speaking of your article either. What would drive an author to make such a statement? Anyway, I enjoyed your work as usual. Have a great day.

I also agree that they would not - but I guess everyone has different perspectives. I think the major thing here is that if you work in the field, you can regonize that a lot of job titles could be avoided - eventually what is the important aspect is the skillset, and skillset pretty much overlaps with each other. As an example, Data Scientist will eventually just be Data Analysts if they don't keep up with latest system architectural desgins - if they focus on just one thing they will eventually be pushed out of the market and the market will be re-invented. At the end of the day we are all engineers focuing on different areas.

Your writing makes a lot of sense. Part of my work involves improvements in human performance. I'll change manual processes into automatic ones and every time I face resistance to that process. No one wants to risk their job. It's easy to understand, though.


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