This book is literally BLOWING my MIND 🧠

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My mind is literally blowing while reading the “How to Create a Mind” book by Ray Kurzweil. I hardly remember any other book that had taken me this long time to finish reading it. Every single concept in the book is beautifully complex!

I am not going to touch upon his Pattern Recognition Theory of Mind and how he writes about creating a brain inspired by this theory (although, you should definitely research on this). As you can imagine, he has extensively contributed to the field of AI.

I was reading about an early comparison between human and machines in one of his chapters, that just made me realized how incredibly amazing our human brain is. As he stated in the book, humans can master about 100.000 chunks of knowledge in a field. Yes, machines can definitely store more than that. There is a clear advantage of the machines over the human brain in terms of speed of execution. This does not mean that the brain is slow. Our brain has the advantage of employing massively parallel processing, as a result from the large number of neurons and connections that we have. Another property of the brain is that the connection strengths between the different neurons are modified by experience (believed to be the basis for learning and memory).

It’s amazing because this actually gives us the ability not only to consider context but to keep and store the information outside of the context. As an example, if you follow someone on social media for a long time, it is not surprising that you can almost automatically know who makes a post based on the context of it (wheteher is a picture or a text) rather than looking at the name or a person if it is a picture 💥


I am so excited about this topic and his book and I will just go back to learn more about it, but now is your turn to share your thoughts on this by leaving a comment!


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