How to be PREPARED to surf the wave in a post-Covid-19 world? 🌊

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I find it very interesting to think how the world will transform after a situation like the one we are living right now, and I see very few people talking about it. Not all the consequences of a lockdown have to strictly be negative, we should also think how the world will evolve and adapt to become more efficient.

I am very happy to read about people that are taking this time at home to learn new skills, and I would like to mention some of the skills I expect businesses will need after a crisis like this.

We will need skills from different sides of the spectrum:

  • The way companies work is going to change, you will need to be someone that can adapt easily and be flexible to learn new skills (like e.g. working from home).
  • Critical thinking will become fundamental, and you can start mastering that skill at home by learning how to objectively evaluate the vast amount of information we read everyday.
  • Being creative is something I've always found essential ever since we entered the digital era. At some point, we will be living in a society were most of the labor will be automatized, and there will only be room for innovation.
  • Future technologies, data literacy and coding skills are, of course, fundamental as companies will boost their digital transformation after this period (something I have been looking forward to see for a very long time).
  • I leave leadership at the end because I am currently experiencing how the roles in my team are evolving and we are all capable of making our own decisions to help the company grow, even when we are apart.

Have you thought about this over the past months? Do you have other skills in mind?



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