100DaysOfBlockchain: #8 - How are tech giants using Blockchain?

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​Today I was more interested in learning about how big corporations are using Blockchain. I understand that a lot of people started digging into Blockchain technologies long time ago. However, something that still caughts my attention is the fact that I know a lot of people working in the tech field since 25+ years ago and some of them are sitll not into this technology.

For some reason that got me thinking about big enterprises. Do they have the adecuate people to start investing in Blockchain? Are they already doing something about and with this technology?

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I found three big coorporations that I talking about this publicly:

I was sepcially interested in reading about Accenture as they have recently opened a new office in Vilnius and they are recruiting a lot of Data Scientists - plus you work in various projects you don't allocate your time in just one, so who knows, perhaps they are already allocating time to merge Machine Learning and Blockchain.

They actually talk about the benefits of blockchain for AI since this technology is dependant on quality data. You can find the article here.

I don't want to give an opinion on this topic - I just want you to also read through what big corporations are saying to be doing and let me know what you think about this in the comment section below!


IBM is big in private blockchain and enterprise blockchain solutions. I remember they were the first one to use hyper-ledger fabric

Thanks for sharing! I was reading about it in their blockchain blog section!

When you are earning billions of $ and € you don't want to weaken these currencies by emitting a new one, do you?
GAFA are centralized, top down companies. Blockchain are decentralized (or should be)

Exaclty. Just remembering the time Amazon launched Amazon Coin, their centraized "virtual currency"

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