100DaysOfBlockchain: #7 - Getting into the DATA

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Naturally, for someone like myself I found fascinating anything related with data and I believe Blockchain technologies generate A LOT of it. I mean, Blockchain is like a huge database itself.

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At first I started thinking about how to maximize my learning about these technologies. Then I started following @topbooster as he had really nice insights regarding POB staked over X-period of time. It got me thinking. How can I be a participant in a data-driven platform without even accessing the data?

I asked topbooster about it and he pointed me to Hive's SQL database. I really didn't have enough time today to look into everything but I starting already digging into some nice ideas I have for this data - and it is helping A LOT to learn more about this platform.

I started thinking about other public databases that could help me learn about Blockchain. Of course there is some possibility for myself to just do some web scraping - but I really don't want to spend time on that if someone has already simplified that issue for me. Always take advantage of already automated processes.

I found three interesting APIs that I would love to check out:

  1. CoinMarketCap: best suitable for getting information on different cryptocurrencies.
  2. Coinbase: best suitable for tracking exchange rates, metadata, and payment methods.
  3. CoinAPI: best suitable for getting latest & historcial crypto trade data from all markets.

I am looking forward to start sharing some insights on this data!


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