100DaysOfBlockchain: #1 - The Challenge and Overview of Blockchain

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Welcome to my 100 Days Of Blockchain Challenge πŸ’₯ I know I have repeated this over the past few posts but just in case you are new to my blog: Hey, I am new to Blockchain πŸ‘‹

Since I am (overall) a very busy person: full-time job as Senior Data Scientist, full-time frustrated Computer Vision engineer, full-time girlfriend and part-time content creator, I have decided to find a fun and entertaining way for me to start learning about Blockchain.

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What is 100 Days Of Blockchain Challenge?

The idea behind this challenge is fairly simple: learn something new about Blockchain and make a post about what you've learned. Easy, right? However, it is more than that. The main idea of the challenge is to help you get into the habit of learning this new technology until the point were you'd feel confident enough to create your own non-self-learning content. My goal is to understand Blockchain to the point where I can start using my Artificial Intelligence knowledge to combine both fields.
The idea of the 100 days challenge is not mine, obviously. I have seen many challenges out there such as 100 Days Of Code or 100 Days of Real Food.

Why 100 days?

Honestly, I am not sure. Previous research shows that it takes between 18 to 256 days to create a habit with an average of 66 days to be precise. Since I want this activity to actually make an impact in my life and not just a regular habit (like running), I wanted to make it slightly longer than 66 days and also a more rounded number. So I chose 100, looks good on paper.

Why you should join?

The idea is to create and mantain your momentum with the field. It is the first step for you to becoming good at Blockchain, and possibility to use this skills to leverage a better position in life. You will be able to easily track your progress, avoiding the mistake of repeating knowledge when learning something new.

It's also fun.

How technical will the challenge be?

This is basically up to you. You own your content. For me, it is going to be both theoretical and practical. I love to code and I have a background in engineering and programming, so I will explore the backbone of the technology to understand it at its fullest. I will share some pieces of code here and on my GitHub profile. As the theory gets more complex, the code will eventually too. However, I will try to make the posts readable and understandable for all sort of backgrounds. I want the initiave to be inclusive from day one.

Can I join the challenge?

Of course everyone is welcome to join! You can use the tag #100daysofblockchain and mention @aicoding in your blog entry. In that way, I can be aware that you have joined the challenge and we can benefit from each other's knowledge 🌱.

Overview of Blockchain

I will start today's post not only by introducing the challenge that I will be completing over the next days but by giving you an overview of what Blockchain is.

Blockchain is a decentralised ledger of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network. It is a technology that enables multiple applicatins and it is applied to many business processes. The most commonly known example is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is only one of the applications that runs on blockchain. Blockchain as a technology can do much more. It not only performs transactions but also ensures anonymity and security of the users.

Blockchain is important because it brings trust to peer-to-peer network solutions. As an example, a primary reason of why banks have existed over the past years is to basically act as a trusted third party for transactions. Blockchain can operate in a peer-to-peer fashion with zero intervention from third parties. It ELIMINATES the need of TRUST while conducting business.

In its core, blockchain is simply a chain of blocks. When we are talking about a chain of blocks (which can be the confusing part) what we are actually referring to is to digital information (the block) stored in a public database (the chain).


This is just a very high-level overview of Blockchain. An introduction to it and the challenge. Please leave a comment below indicating what you think could be interesting to showcase over the next 99 days! Cheers.

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Honestly, I am not sure. Previous research shows that it takes between 18 to 256 days to create a habit with an average of 66 days to be precise.

The research makes me want to join in on the challenge because i wish to create the writing and learning new things daily habit. It's not an easy task to do everyday.

If i may ask, is it strictly restricted to Blockchain contents alone...?

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I am happy you want to join! Ideally, yes. However, I am someone who considers that the beauty in any new creation relies from the interconnected disciplines - so if you want to use this opportunity to share something that could be also interesting to the field (finance, stem...), that is also fine. Something 100% unrrelated wouldn't be fair for the challenge :)

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if you want to use this opportunity to share something that could be also interesting to the field (finance, stem...), that is also fine.

This is actually where i am driving at, it could be about blockchain,finance and crypto as they are all related.

Thanks for the info

Something 100% unrelated wouldn't be fair for the challenge

For Sure! That won't be fair.

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