I am Writing Because I have no Idea What to Write

in #leofinance2 months ago (edited)

I don't know what to write about but I am writing because I wanted to write. Frankly I have no idea what to write but when you have no idea then you may have an idea from that NO IDEA to write about and that is what I am doing now.

You may be thinking that this guy is out of his mind but I think I have nothing in mind to write about that is why I am now writing.

I am writing because I want to be as consistent as possible. Because afterall I don't need to earn Hive, Leo, POB etc but I just want to earn it. And I want to earn it because I want to stake it. And for this reason I didn't cash out a single Hive right from the start.

I am a big fan of HODLing, and why not HODL if you don't need it to cash out. If you ain't into HODLing then you may feel the same like this guy. He only has his wishes left with him.


Now that we are given more chances of earnings in the shape of Leofinance.io, Proofofbrain.io and some other. It feels kind of itchy to not get that too and for this reason we want our presence on other tribes too.

And if you really don't have an idea what to write about then probably you could write something about sports on https://sportstalksocial.com to earn some Sports tokens.

I think I have wrote enough not knowing what to write. I hope this can get me some more Hive, Leo and POB to go and stake.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Take care