Jumping into the ART NFT Market Craze - Blockchain Tokenization

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I jumped in to the Art NFT world

I have no idea what I am doing, or what the NFT future holds. Honestly it doesn't matter. I saw that my friend was posting to a new his artwork on a new NFT site that I could use HIVE to pay, I figured it was a win/win

I recommend you all go out and checkout @shoemanchu for a follow. As you can his on one of his latest posts he started to post on lensy.io

I happened to see the post right away, and decided to jump in and grab #1. I have no idea what the rules are for citing a NFT I happen to own.

Beautiful Art Work -



I loved this picture and I felt like 50 Hive was a great deal- and I recommend you check out @shoemanchu and see if you fancy some of his art work.

Not sure if I will keep buying NFT's or art NFT - I am having hard time understanding how all the NFT's will playout in 5-10 years. I hope to some day sell this NFT and buy an island and shoemanchu blows up!

Any of you all buying into the new NFT craze? What else do I need to check out?
~~ Senstless


COngrats with your purchase. SO may new developments for this old guy....but I am willing to learn and recognize opportunities always!

Yeah - so much has happened with NFT's and DEFI it feels like I am starting all over again when I joined 3 years ago. It took me 20 min just to get meta mask up and running for cub finance.

Cool man! That is a sweet picture.

Thank - had to grab it and give @shoemanchu his props for taking the photos and selling NFT's

WTF? Who is this? 🤣😂🤣

My husband literally just mentioned NFT ‘s to me two hours ago and here you come out of the blue posting about one.

I am that guy who never makes any sense.... like a vague memory.

I have been trying to understand how NFT's work and the benefits, so I decided to jump in a bit and take a low risk investments. If I find other stuff like this it might be fun to try.

I had seen "NFT" here or there in titles, but had not taken the time to research what that really was. Last night while I was channel flipping, I came across a program where someone was being interviewed and they were talking about what NFTs were. At least now I have a beginning idea of what they are at least and what the idea is behind them.

I am curious too, to see what happens with them The art world has had a crazy way of making many things appear valuable, that would not be otherwise. I'm waiting to see their spin on this and if they are able to pull it off again.

I guess its a way for them to introduce scarcity in the digital world, and NFT can be used to prove and transfer ownership. I still have so much to learn, but it seems to have a lot of momentum behind it.

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Hey, those are my colors, I do like the sunsets and sunrise!

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Go grab you copy! It looks so close to your profile pic

Good to see a lot more people are interested with NFTs. I think the current boost in NFT will bring NFTs to its glory days.

Not really sure where it all goes, but there is a lot of opportunity to support those producers you like, while also getting a piece of something to hold.

Right on man, I love NFT art. I just found lensy from @daveks, he takes some great snaps. I have a few works from the NFT showroom that I enjoy. It's awesome for artists to have this outlet to make some scratch for their work. Good stuff.

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Exactly, its a great way to support artist you like. I will keep looking into NFT art - its still a little strange to me.

It was strange to me at first too but I've figured out what they are to me and I am no longer confused. To me the NFT work is the same as a physical copy sold by the artist. Like if and artist paints a picture then makes 10 numbered lithographs (1-10) to sell it's the same to me as an artist making a digital artwork and making 10 numbered (nft) digital copies for sale. Each NFT is a uniquely numbered copy.

For now it's just I am just enjoying spending some HIVE of these artworks for my own enjoyment and not as an investment.

Awesome Brother, thanks for the mention and also buying my first NFT Photo ever. Appreciate it and thanks for your kind words. This has to be my favorite non edit shot to date, but I do have some more coming soon.

I started muddling with NFTs just over one year ago. Started https://nefties.com (you can see examples of my stuff there) and started futzing on https://atomichub.io It's been productive. It's worth the ride!