Landrover Lego build: Six - The finale

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The last piece clicked into place with a satisfying click; I sat bag on my chair, a self-satisfied smile on my face, and a slight tingling of Lego-thumb reminding me of the work I'd put into this build. "Finished," I said with a deep sense of contentment.

This build took a total of 24 hours all up. It was a lot of parts, and required some precise instruction-following, like all Lego Technic. I'm pleased to have completed it and to say that it all works as intended.

The Lego Landrover Defender is a pretty sweet looking set if you ask me - I chose it because I love off-roading myself and figured it would be fun. It was enjoyable, and will be moving forward as I plan to make a video of it in its natural environment, the outdoors, just as soon as I have a chance. Fun!


2573 Lego pieces - 43cm long - 22cm high - 21cm wide - 2kg in weight. You can see it held in my hand pictured above which shows the size pretty well I suppose.

What made this model fun was how intricate it was to build. It's difficult to show however you can review the entire build-process in the links below if you are keen. They show each stage in detail.

Lego designed the most complex gearbox ever made for this model and I can attest to its complexity. The image above shows the underneath of the vehicle including the gear boxes, differentials, drive shafts, independent suspension and steering systems. It all works too! It goes into drive and reverse gears, high and low range and also into 2 wheel and four wheel drive.

This image below shows the interior of the cabin and the gear-shifters - Two with red bases and the black dial a little lower than the shifters. You can also see two of the drive shafts running beneath, a black one with a grey cog and the red one next to it. The blue cog right above the grey engages or disengages with the grey depending on gear selection.


The engine pistons move up and down in a firing order due to the crank shaft and there's a working winch on the front also. It runs out and winds back in via a cog in the engine bay. Engine bay shown below.

The model also has opening doors including a latch-locking-mechanism for the rear door, roof-mounted storage, roof-mounted recovery tracks and roof-access ladder.

The image below shows the hood up, rear door and cabin doors open plus the roof and side mounted storage areas opened. (Ladder down to rear of vehicle, at top of image)

In real life this vehicle will go literally anywhere if driven by someone with skill and the understanding of the four wheel drive concepts the vehicle contains...This one...Not so much, it's Lego after all.

I'm going to take it to the forest and see if I can get some decent video of it driving around and although it's not mechanised it'll be be a bit of fun I think. Here it is pictured in a section of my garden looking right at home.

I've really enjoyed this build and am yet to wring some more enjoyment out of it with my video shoot. You may be thinking what place an almost 50 year old has building Lego like a kid...That would be your right to do so also...If you're thinking that nothing I say in an attempt to justify it will make any difference to you, or me for that matter so I'll stay silent on why I build Lego.

What I will say is that next to me on the floor, next to my Lego building desk which is my home-office desk, is my next build and I'll be starting it as soon as I can find some time to do so. Its bigger than the Defender in size, some 95cm long but has the same amount of parts roughly. I'm looking forward to it.

Below are the links to the previous build-posts for the Landrover Defender so feel free to take a look if you're interested in the progress photos.

Thanks for hanging around and for those who have commented, or will, I really appreciate your interaction.

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Landrover Defender Lego build stages one to five

Progress one

Progress two

Progress three

Progress four

Progress five


Hey, awesome! You got some nice looking photos too. Love the first and the second last ones. Defender in action. :)

Thanks mate. This was just I'm my yard at home. Planning to get some better ones in the forest when time permits.


Yeah, it's cool as. Thanks.

(Wish I had a real one.) 😉

That is an awesome LEGO Jeep Truck Car.

Yeah, not bad huh? It all works too...The gear boxes, suspension and steering etc.

Why is it so complex on the inside? Does it actually move like a remote controlled car?

Lego designed the most complex gearbox ever made for this model and I can attest to its complexity. The image above shows the underneath of the vehicle including the gear boxes, differentials, drive shafts, independent suspension and steering systems. It all works too! It goes into drive and reverse gears, high and low range and also into 2 wheel and four wheel drive.

So, it actually have a motor?

Take a look at the post, there's images and the text explains it in full. I'd rather not re-type it in a comment.

I did but it does not say motor. It says shaft. It says this thing and that thing. But I don't know if they are just lego parts or if they are mechanical.

It's mechanical, but is not self propelled. See this video.

Wow, that looks amazing! Although I'm personally not that much into lego, it always amazes me what people are able to create with lego. Cool piece, and it must be satisfying to see the end result after 24 hours of work :)

It's a pretty cool model huh? I know many people don't get into Lego but for me it's relaxing and enjoyable...Better than smoking crack or getting drunk down the pub I guess right?

It was satisfying...My next build is going to start soon...Looking forward to that too.

Thanks for dropping by.

I totally forgot to mention that the pictures are awesome as well! But yes, pretty cool! And I get why that can be relaxing, finding your zen moments. I have that when I draw or do something creative.. I can get lost in time when I do so. Just don't make time for that often enough lol..

Better than these options you mentioned, yes. Let's stick with the Lego instead!
So I hope you enjoy the next project as well, but my guess is you will.

have a nice day!

Oh thanks for saying so...Just a few snaps in my garden. They came out ok didn't they?

Have yourself a nice day...Night here and bed time in a couple hours. Thursday tomorrow though, and then...FRIDAY!


Next level Lego! I've seen a lot of inner workings in my son's building days but this looks superior alright.

In Lego technic we never had a single missing piece. I was beginning to think Lego was perfect....Thank god. They are only Danish.

It's pretty incredible engineering isn't it? Yes, they are pretty good with making sure all the bits are there...I must have been the unlucky one.

What a build. Nothing like having some hobbies that can bring you back in time.
Not only do you need to have patience to complete this build, I would imagine you would have to have a certain level of expertise with automobiles to be able to follow the instructions.
I have never enjoyed working on anything with a motor, and when one of our vehicles needs to be worked on, I'm totally at the mercy of the mechanic, never a good feeling.

You seem to know your s--t @galenkp

Love me some Lego my friend...Could build for hours, and often do hence the lego afflictions i suffer (Lego thumb and Lego fatigue 😂)

I guess a little understanding is required although I wouldn't go as far as saying I was an expert or anything. I know some stuff and am like you in others...Rely on the mechanic, auto-electrician etc. I love my off-roading and so as someone who goes remotely, into the outback, I have to know something though.

This is a cool set huh? I am itching to start the Mack Anthem build...It's amazing too...Just no time yet!

I hope you're well and thanks for stopping by.

As a kid I loved building models of airplanes. I had to have a couple dozen planes suspended from the ceiling of my bedroom. When you do have the time to start your next Lego build you may want to consider building a replica of that bike you are considering getting, you know, just in case Faith doesn't cooperate. 😢

A Lego one is about as close I'll get you think? Probably right too. I have model planes strung up in my room too.

You never know, maybe you could soften her up a bit with a dinner out and several glasses, or bottles of vino.😁😁

Nah, not going to work...She isn't a drinker. Back to the old drawing board. 🤣

Also meant to say: !DERANGED

Well done man, that's bloody awesome!

Pretty cool huh? I'm really pleased. I can't stop playing with it to be honest, which is probably pretty sad for a 49 year old, but no point hiding the truth. I don't mean brooming around the house with it...Actually I do. 😃 It took a lot of effort to get all the gear boxes and diffs working right...Might as well play with it!

Thanks man, I am stoked with how it came out and am looking forward to attempting to put together some video.

It's totally not sad, man! It's awesome! Anything that lets that inner child or for a fine is awesome. Its also quite the achievement cos these things are damned hard!

Thanks man, I'm not willing to relinquish my childhood yet obviously. I mean when I got to be I can be adult, but as a childless couple I feel it's my duty to act like a child to fill the void. 😝

I'm actually really really pleased with how it came out and will play with it some more. I'm going to winch the VW Beetle I built earlier with it, you know pull it out of a bog. So cool. Want to film that.

Hehe, the film will be cool!

Hope so. 😎

Above all, the work on the durability is absolutely stunning look at those edges by all means. The engine region too is sophisticated and the specs are cool sweet beauty here

Hey there, thanks for saying so, and commenting. I put a lot of work into it and am really pleased at how it came out. I'm glad you like it. 😉✅

Absolutely and 24 hours? I thought it'll take like a week. Hahaha

It took weeks, but a total of 24 hours all together. I'd build in sessions, as per the post I just wrote says. At the end you can see the other posts (links) I did of the build process.

Nice work again I'll check them all out

Grazie mille, and have a great weekend.

Holy cow. I don’t know the work that went into that but I know it’s a lot! Looks amazing. Favorite one thus far.

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Thanks mate, yeah a bit of effort went into this one. Was worth it though. 😊

Awesome Lego kit that Landrover👍

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Yeah, pretty cool right? Glad I got it done and that it all works well.

Looks like it is driving through Jurassic Park.

Well, no dinosaurs, except maybe the one taking the pictures! Came up ok though huh?

really, that's a lego? I have no idea about lego so I'm ignorant about it. By saying that it has also piston so it means it's movable? Anyway it's fancy to see especially when it's on the ground with beautiful captured of it. nice..

It all moves. You can go to YouTube and search Lego Technic Defender and see it all working. I'll be doing a video soon also.


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Amazing. I'd buy one for my hubs for Chrimbo, but he needs to finish the real one. He said he was going to buy another boat to do up and I burst into tears. Okay okay, he says. I'll finish the landrover first, will that make you happy? And THEN can I buy a boat? Yes!! I says. Yes!!!

You're a good wife...Permitting boat purchases...Good strategy making him finish one first though. Not your first rodeo obviously. 🤣

Lol, first time he said never again! Then he came down driveway very sheepishly with dinghy 2 because he was ACCIDENTALLY looking on Gumtree. Ah I am a great wife. I appreciate a project and a passion. Besides, he puts up with me steeming!

ACCIDENTALLY looking on Gumtree.

"Oops, slipped and accidentally ended up on Gumtree"...Likely story mate! 😂

You must be the best wife ever.

Funny thing was, he said he was LITERALLY shaking all day, scared to tell me. We always do everything together and have no secrets, and he always runs things by me, just to be polite, y'know? But for some reason he thought I'd do my nut over the boat - which I never have, coz I'm not that kinda wife. He must have KNOWN I'd be at least slightly annoyed - I did make a mock song and dance about it, lol, but jeez, it was only $250 bucks, and it's not like he went and bought smack.

It sounds like you guys are much like us. We do most things together and make decisions collectively. I'm just glad she puts up with me.

Wow you would need some patience to finish that,
How many times did you throw it, lol
I wish i could but to much to do there, give me 3 blocks to play with thats enough for me.
Well done you its amazing :)

Thanks. Yes there was some degree of frustration.

Now, you've got me wondering what you could build with 3 blocks. 🤣

I would have had no hair left Haha
It's amazing what you can do with 3 bricks, my hubbys a bricklayer so he should know LOL

A little ingenuity can go a long way huh? 😃

@galenkp. that is totally amazing. I didn't know Lego had advanced to that level. Are those models for kids or adults?

Lego is for all ages, the complexity of each set requires a certain skill-set though I guess. I'm 49 and am happy to be thought of as a kid for building Lego - Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Doesn't bother me in the least really; I know what, and who, I am and am quite content with it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Congratulations on the finish, it looks pretty great!

I do admire Lego Technic kits for their attention to detail. I really like the detailing of the Defender's engine bay and power-train is amazing, plus I like the added touch of the "Lo " and "Hi " gear selector.

Some really impressive stuff that Lego's done, including making some of parts workable, and interactive. In any case, I'll give you a pat on the back for this one :-)

I'll give you a pat on the back for this one

I'll take the pat on the back with thanks and humility. 😬

Lego must have some ingenious engineers and designers right? For me, I just follow the instructions, take my time and cross my fingers it all comes out right.

Thanks for commenting.

There's quite the variety of ingeniousness in Lego's product line. Ordinarily, they have those simple bricks which allows your imagination to run free. But if you want something more complex, then you have Lego Technic kits. Once you're done with that, or if you want something more high-tech, then there's always Lego's robotics and programmings kits.

One can never run out of fun with Legos, it's just not possible. And I thank you, sir, for making and sharing some great content with them :-)

Graciously and humbly pats @galenkp's back.

I have the Mack Anthem and Extreme 4x4 sets sitting here waiting to build so I'll do them and the see where it leads. I'd like to but some old-school bricks to do some freestyling next year also. Not because I think I'm good it it, just more to explore my own creativity.

I love playing Lego and look forward to sharing some more of my creations.

Thanks for commenting. Greatly appreciated.

And I am very much looking forward to see more of your Lego creations. I don't suppose you'd consider free-styling a Lego Cybertruck, will you? I doubt you'll need any complicated parts, to be honest XD

Or even better... something which is truly indestructible.

Haha, well no I'm not a fan of the cyber truck...looks like something out of a B-grade 1970's made-for-TV sci-fi movie. No thanks.

Now, that second one? That very attractive and functional one? I can see myself building that. 🙈 In fact, I'd drive one of them in real life, certainly before I'd drive that shit cyber thing.

I'm also not a fan of the cybertruck, though that perception may change as it enters production. Nevertheless, the design seems ugly and pointless (or perhaps too pointy )...

Now that second one is very attractive indeed, and especially practical, with an innovative roof-rack design :-)

The second one is legit...I'd own it for sure...I'd have it in white, what colour would you get?

Looks great! And also I knew it would be a decent size as a lot if the LEGO technical stuff seems to just end up big but damn that’s big 😆 nice action shots of it as well 🙃

Thanks Ry, loved the build...Going to play with it a lot.

Hmmmmm.....? Maybe a Lego Man character with your Mugshot photoshopped.? If only I had more time.....

Wait..... I do today... lol

A handsome young "LegoMan...!"

I'd never wear that tie though...Hideous...Otherwise nailed it. 😂

I almost said something about that gay pride rainbow tie.... Lmao.

I agree, Ya have 2 be "Light in the Loafers" to wear a tie like that.

I rarely wear ties at all anymore. Seems a bit antiquated...Still, if I did it wouldn't be that one. Ever.

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Very cool sir galenkp! I'm just amazed at the complexity and quality engineering that went into the design. Great job and great photos on your part too.

Thanks mate, it was nice getting it completed. I'm still doing that video, just have to find the time.

That turned out quite nice!

Yep, it's pretty cool for sure. I'm happy with the result.