January Larynx Token Claim - Today is the last day

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Ecency seems to be the official place for Larynx claim

Today is the last day of Larynx token claim of this month, and this time I decided to try out Ecency because based on feedback from community members on my last post, apparently @spknetwork is relying on
Ecency team for this claim drop.

So just go to your wallet in Ecency and then select the SPK wallet, you should see a button for claim ( I forgot to take the screen shot before claiming). So this makes my total Larynx Token as 83028.2, which is claimed ten times (8302.82 LARYNX each month), missing September. And as the claim drop was supposed to last for a year, there is just one more claim next month ( from tomorrow).

So in next few days, I am going to claim the last token drop and then lock and delegate 70% of the tokens and keep 30% as liquid, in case, there will be some good selling opportunity. There have been lot of discussions over
this decentralized Web 3.0 protocol built by @spknetwork, and I think, competition between node operators is going to increase once the claim drop is over, because most people would either sell or delegate to different node operators and there will be competition between node operators to grab these. If you have not claimed your free Larynx Tokens of this month then go and claim now. You can claim for the last time tomorrow as well. Even though we do not see good market price of this token now , better to power up these free tokens and delegate. Based on some recent discussions that I came across , the SPK network will allow any self-governing community to define their own identity, set up their own Hive Break Away Front End, set their own rules, and enjoy a decentralized economy. So that sounds like a very powerful offering, it's just a matter of time before it becomes a craze in the internet as the true space of decentralization is sought after by many. So until then, lets just hold tight of our free tokens and help in building the next best decentralized infrastructure.



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Never heard of this platform before @sanjeevm, surly going to try it and claim Larynx tokens. Best of luck @spknetwork for the platform.

while we have the opportunity to claim free tokens and then exchange them for Hive is the best option to increase our HP

I haven't really heard about it though niether have I been claiming this token every month.
Thank you so much @sanjeevm for the information shared

😊😎🤜 yea.. stack em!!

Thank you for the reminder, I think a lot of people totally forget to claim every month and I think I know people who have missed some months. Eccency makes it easy to actually claim.

I almost forgot :) And in next few days, claim the last one and then delegate.

@tipu curate

I'm claiming on Ecency too! Thanks for the reminder.

I have only claimed once. I could just accumulate on the hive engine !

I have claimed just now via your reminder. Thanks for letting us know.

Good to know, today was last day.

I had claimed mine in first week of Jan. Thanks for reminding because many people miss to claim and today is the last day.

Good, are you delegating ?

Yes I had delegated few months back but did not update it and even not sure if I am getting delegation reward.

I'll check my account tomorrow. I'm glad I remember it.

You should check today, as today is the last day of claim for this month. There is only one more claim for next month, so you can claim today once and tomorrow once at least.

I had claimed already sir. Thank you.

That reminds me to claim mine too. I'm staking all of it because it's a few tokens that I'm receiving. Simply let it grow over time. I think the SPK team can develop it even further.

The roadmap that is envisioned looks brilliant, so I hope these tokens will have good value over time.

I'm optimistic about SPK, even though I'm not posting videos I know that vid content has a broad market. People only need to know about it.

Thanks my dear friend for reminding. I am will check and claim my token. Thanks you dear friend

Oh damn thanks for the heads up, been claiming them and selling for Hive.. going to do one more claim now.

Well, just holding up for future usage.








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any user can claim those tokens. Even without being, let's say, enrolled in SPK

Havent actually claimed this on the larynx website since a long time, ecency became the to go option to hive a while ago, and I hope it eventually dethrones peakd, so they actually work to improve a bit more and push their own design further.

Thanks for the call!! i will claim mine!

I didn't know anything about this, thank you very much.