Did anyone buy Kyber when I shilled it a month ago?

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It continues to outperform every other asset I have. Bought 1000 of them one year ago at $0.26. It hasn't made me a millionaire but who knows... perhaps in a few years it might?

If you want to understand more about Kyber please read my article on it here

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Or watch this film, which was made in Feb.


I didn't see your old post but wished i had! hahaha If i get in now would it be FOMO or should i wait for a dip. I heard they are going to do staking soon and I don't want to wait too late! Any advice would be warm welcomed!

Always best to wait for a dip. Though if I'm gonna be honest I find that very hard to do. Especially with coins like this one which seem quite relentless.

The price already moved since I posted this.

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Thanks! I am about to go read your other post. I have been hearing about this one for quite a while and wasn't sure where to get it. I see that it's on Coinbase now and i would imagine one may be able to stake it there eventually. I will have to read up... the staking coins are the ones that I feel could be a great way to have your stack growing just sitting around. I know Kraken has better returns on Tezos staking than Coinbase. I have some research to do! Thanks Sam.

I didnt see your old post, but Kyber network was on my list of reviews to do, I stumbled on the project and found it fascinating, interesting to see its actually doing okay.
Nice share


I think it is their connection with Enjin which is really driving this.

And their recent addition to coinbase.

Definitely worth looking into as a potential big mover for the bull run.

I will look better into it and write my article as usual...nice one