Kani Bot - v1.6.1 update - Feature that sends post payout notifications

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This was a long time due upgrade to send Post Payout notifications in Kani bot. Today I finally completed it and pushed the code. I actually completed coding this in my personal bot long back and I was using this notification for my own posts alone. Last week I was working on getting this included as a feature in Kani Bot. I completed it and was observing this for a while. Today I have updated the bot in such a way that all the subscribed users will get notifications just a few minutes before this post.

I started off coding after a long gap and it took some time to get to speed. But now I'm working on 3 projects in parallel and started being busy right now. It is fun to focus on 3 different things at the same time and the good thing about it is that I'm gaining a lot of experience in that. One of my projects is using Vue js and I'm pretty new to that. In the last two weeks, I'm finding Vue js very comfortable and impressive compared to the other front end libraries. I'm going to be sharing my experience in a separate article.

Coming back to the topic, there are no changes to the commands in this release. The notification will look like below.

The above is a posted payout received by @xawi. Just to make things clear, in the SCOT bot the API displays only the complete post payout and not the Author rewards explicitly. The values that we see there is inclusive of the curation rewards as well. So, for example, @xawi would get around 200 SPT from this post as author rewards and the remaining 200 SPT will be shared among the curators. But the STEEM and STEEM Power value that we see here is after curation rewards. It is not impressive and easy to get the values for the SE tokens after curation. There is no straight forward way as of now. If anyone has a better suggestion to get the author rewards alone, please let me know in the comments section.

While writing code for this, I noticed that there was a huge delay in the post payout rewards for some of the tokens. There was a huge inconsistency where the payout was not instant. That is the reason why I had to display both the payout value as well as the pending payout value in brackets.

As mentioned in my previous article, I will try to add some more features to the bot in the future to make it more user-friendly. If you have any suggestions or issues or ideas for Kani bot, please contact me in Discord. You can also visit the Kani Bot discord server to share your views.

Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/S4x6PFz

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