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RE: The Rise Of The ZEV's

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Interesting post.
I don't think the transition to a situation where AI does many jobs will be very fast.
Due to the demographic change many older and less technological savvy people will retire. (This demographic change will, of course, lead to many other problems). This will lead to a certain scarcity of employees (even for less qualified people). Younger people tend to learn and adapt faster. Perhaps they'll be able to learn to code. Plus, any technological (r)evolution in the past led to more jobs, not to less.
For the decade ahead I see many risks globally (from monetary shocks to the demographic change with less consumption and less investment to bigger wars). From my perspective the rise of AI is a rather small challenge on this timeframe.


I think it speeds up every year and the world is not catching up fast enough, we must remember a large part of the world doesn't even have running water and literacy, nevermind skills that the new job market will value, so it just makes the barrier to earning a good wage harder and with less jobs like it. Every year code is created you need less developers over time too.