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RE: The Rise Of The ZEV's

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Very interesting post ! And unfortunately I have read too much about it (Homo Deus, "La guerre des intelligences"...

Therefore I always am the "pessimistic" a.k.a rational. I know politicians (left and right) are really scared of this as they see it coming and are powerless.

The truth is: unemployment will be bigger and permanent for some people. Not to mention technology is making blue workers 'dumber" as seen with Taxi and Waze/TomTom; their cognitive abilities dropped tremendously compare to before.

See ya later !


Indeed that’s exactly it I didn’t touch in the fact that a lot of labour has “lost” its value but it’s jobs for the sake of having jobs! Governments are not prepared for this, the world is changing so fast and we’re going to have to throw out a lot of our old beliefs because they’re going to be counter productive