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RE: The Rise Of The ZEV's

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The picture of the boat sinking is so good for the article you have written. I think we live in a chain and we are all connected. The key is adaptation. Mental preparation for things to go south north or wherever. We need the ability to be like a chameleon: rechange, reconstruct, rebuild. Change the domain, acquire a new skill, adapt. People can be out of a job anyday. Security is a concept, not always a reality. And I think that people now need to find the strenght to believe in their skills and talent to push them to new horizons.


I think we are a chain but we've distanced ourselves from the links in a way that we can allow part of it to rust and think nothing of it until the entire chain is broken. We only act when we're the ones that are affected, not when we see the chain start to rust from the bottom end.

I fully agree security is a concept and a mindset we sell ourselves and we should be more flexible I just think that we've become so rigid that any drastic change clearly puts us out of our comfort zone and we cannot cope

I think sadly this is Darwinism at play and it's going to cost humans a lot of lives for it to play out

Comfort zone should be called danger zone. Because settling in and procrastinate because you are comfy is a huge danger for your future. People who fail to see that will fall like flies during crunch time

Ooooh I like it, I'm so stealing this one as inspiration for a future blog post, I like the way you think, I need to spend more time picking your brain

Hahhahhahaha do not forget to tag me then😂