Japan Going to Dump Nuclear Wastewater Into Sea

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It has been talked about for years that the plan was eventually to dump much of the stored nuclear wastewater into the sea, more than 1 million tons of treated wastewater from the Fukushima power plant.

They are running out of room for storage and something eventually was going to have to be done.

Scientists have been working for years on what options there might be for storage solutions, it had to be dealt with.

Eventually to get rid of it discussions prompted ideas of whether they should be burying it, or dumping it into the ocean etc, a variety of options were considered over the years. This is one move they've been doing and talking about for years now, dumping the waste into the ocean.

We knew it was coming but that doesn't mean they haven't faced public backlash over it.

Officials have urged the public that this is not going to pose any threat to the people or surrounding area.

Even years later they are still cleaning-up and dealing with the mess from the event and there wasn't unlimited storage capacity for the waste.

It has been a waste management nightmare for them

Billions of dollars has been spent since the Fukushima disaster took place and they've got issues with this toxic soil and wastewater that nobody wants or really knows what to do with.

Dumping it into the ocean is also likely to be the cheapest and fastest option for them as well.

Since making those announcements on the plans there have been protesters who have reportedly rallied outside government offices to express their discontent with the decision.

For those who say they're worried, the government has urged that this view is unscientific.

Still, there are many locals and others around the region who are not happy about the decision. They are already still struggling to come back from the incident, after significant damage was inflicted on the reputation of goods coming from that area.


No Respect for the Planet & the Biosphere and the People 😔 😠 🌍

Dumping nuclear waste into the sea? Is Japan finally going to pull a Godzilla on us?

I saw the news showing a bit of their own people objecting to that.

Hey hey hey! Guess who's back! hahaha

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Always liked you blog. Bringing us the news we need to see, and "they" really don't want us to know about.

Yeah, that Fukashima....my goodness. I thought that was then end of the world when that happend. But looks like government oppression is! hahaha Crazy world we live in.

Can't wait to eat some radio-active glowing sushi compliments of Japan. It's gonna be a special day when I begin to mutate into green goblin.

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Hope you are well my friend and keep up the great blog!


What a waste...

In my opinion this will be a bad decision for the humanity, nuclear waste getting in sea will certainly have adverse effects on the sea life too