Killing Cancer Cells With Electricity: No Drugs Or Radiation

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This is an amazing story and it just goes to show the endless innovation of the human mind. It's what makes me so bullish on mankind's survival and thrival in the near future.

What happened was that an Israeli professor of physiology and biophysics named Yoram Palti believed that he could use low voltage electric currents to kill cancer cells.


By the way, Israel has more patents for medical equipment than any country in the world. They are just brilliant over there.

But no one understood him or had any idea what he was talking about, especially doctors because they're trained in biology, not physics.

So he set up a lab in his basement and went to work. When he had what he wanted and knew he could prove it in the medical lab he founded his own company.

This works every time

The company is still in clinical tests and trials but so far every trial has succeeded and the company is growing at an annual rate of 43%!

What happens with cancer cells is that they multiply uncontrollably which causes tumors. His electric treatment prevents them from dividing, it stops them cold.

Instead of one cancer cell becoming becomes zero.

And it works every time because it's based on physics, not biology. With biology people react differently to medications, it's why it's such a gamble with trial and error being the traditional method.

No side affects

The traditional slash and burn tactics of cancer treatment might kill you before the cancer does but with this electric treatment there's no drugs or chemo or radiation or damaged immune system or any side effects at all. No hair loss!


Professor Palti's company is called Novocure Ltd and yes, it's listed with NASDAQ and is one of the top medical stocks and it's just getting started.

This is just one bit of good news but I believe that cancer and Alzheimer's will be eradicated within the next 10 to 20 years. Especially with the help of quantum computers entering the fight.


Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!

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Cool stuff. It sort of makes you wonder why there aren't more collaborations between the various branches of science.

On a similar note, someone discovered that you can use a specific electromagnetic field to make collagen temporarily malleable. They were even saying that they could create a contact that can be charged, reform the cornea of the eye, and then remove the field and correct vision that way. It'd be like a non-intrusive version of Lasik, that still leaves you able to get cataract surgery later, if need be.

There was also something about another potential cure-all for cancer in the news awhile back... I can't really remember the specifics, but something about "training" certain T cells or some such. Yeah, I think we'll see a cure for that soon.

Of course, the flip side is that we are very overpopulated and removing all the ways nature is trying to control our population. We'll have to find a way to keep our numbers under control.

Very interesting sir fotosdenada, the eyesight repair sounds awesome as well as all the other advancements. I think if a few years we'll be astounded. If we don't kill each other off first!

Frequencies could also be useful! It’s the medicine of the future.

Howdy sir kaminchan! yes in fact they talked about these electric currents put out in certain frequencies so it is very similar to the sound frequencies perhaps?


Howdy tobetada! I agree, it's very encouraging and I think they can be a major factor in wiping out cancer as they get better and improve.

I'm eager to learn more about this... One thing that drove my curiosity non immediately is how the doctor is capable of adjusting the electricity current so it only kill cancer cells.... Most of the drawbacks of cancer treatment is that the meds are not specific for cancer cells and attack regular tissue cells as well.

Howdy sir joelsegovia! Great point. The way I understood it is that only cancer cells have a postive and negative charge on the ends of the spindle in the center of the cells when they divide and the current from this treatment disrupts that charge so they can't replicate.

But I saw lots of articles about the company online when I put in Novovure Ltd so I'm sure there are also articles explaining how it works.

Hey, what do you think about the Tron deal and what do investors think about it?

Well, about this Tron deal it's either up to unforseen highs or just the final blow to this beautiful project.... Something I'll bet is that the state of stagnation we have had for the last two years ended with this deal... I only invested time on Steem, so powering down ( as some of the top witnesses are doing) is not something I ever consider.

The thing is, with his move this guy Sun will make some of the witnesses run our of fear and dump their stake, this guy could very well just buy this FUD dumping and finally gain control of the Steem needed to actually control this place... Then it would be up to this man will to see this place bloom or fade away.

The thing that it's really on the line is not the pockets of the steemians (this network value was never there), it's the chance to have a truly censorship-resistant, free and decentralized way to share what we consider as value... For some is just money, for others it's more subtle like art, stories, the relationships built here, son on....

We'll see, but actually I like that things are finally moving... My guess is that a coin was tossed in the air for this place, let's see how the coin lands.

Howdy sir joelsegovia! Thanks for your opinion on this Tron deal and I agree with you. With Sun having 70 million steem now, it would seem that he would work to increase it's value and I would think that a very strong Steemit site using Steem would make the Steem blockchain more stable and appealing. Lets hope he has good plans for it.

That is exciting news! Thanks for sharing it!

Yes sir simms50, it's a treatment that has tons of potential and they're improving it all the time so who knows what they'll be able to do in a few years! I think cancer is going down in our lifetime.

Wow ! I had not heard of this. Wouldn't it be amazing if it turns out to be the cure?

I hope it is. Too many good people have been taken away too early by cancer.

Thanks for sharing.

Howdy jacey-boldart! It's a great treatment and they're improving it all the time and making it more effective so it'll be interesting to see how far they can get with it. I agree, it's such a horrible disease.

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Hmm somehow.. Like I have different opinions about this.... The medical industry is very big... Especially in the cancer department..

Just like how things went with tesla 🤔 I think he would get some major lawsuit against him sooner or later🔙🔙..

Although im not saying his practice doesnt work. The current practice against cancer today is totally worthless but its a multi billion dollar industry

Howdy technicalside! Yes I think the drug companies are not very thrilled with this new treatment method but maybe they'll be forced into going along with it. With the FDA approving all the trials I don't think they can stop it completely but I'm sure they'd like to!

Ohh wait... Its actually getting approved ny the FDA... Well damn... Thats really good to hear hey.. I think it will go a very long way then.. Certainly needs more exposure

Yes sir, I think in a few years it will be a standard treatment but right now it is still small and largely unknown by the majority of doctors.

Awesome I hope the rest of your week is filled with blessings @janton thanks for the wonderful replies

Well thank you sir technicalside, the same to you!

Hallelujah! My poor neighbor just had her 3rd chemo treatment today for breast cancer. She was told that after chemo she needs to have radiation. Thanks for the info Jonboy! : )

Oh no, that's too bad. Well it may be a little while before this new treatment method is used by the majority of doctors, they're so trained in drugs, surgery and radiation that it's been a slow process to get them to see the advantages of this.

Hi janton, I really hope this treatment is successful, so much better than chemotherapy.

Yes, no side affects is unheard of in cancer treatments until now! They're improving all the time so I think the changes they'll be able to make is going to be amazing.

If only cancer can be eliminated altogether.😐

Very interesting - my one friend is going through cancer for the fourth time now - 3 times she had chemo and now radiation - the side effects are terrible.

Yes Ma'am, the effects of the cures is a nightmare! I'm so sorry she is going through that. I think we'll see much better treatments in the next few years like this electric field treatment.

That is wonderful news. I hope this will be the cure for cancer soon.

That is wonderful
News. I hope this will be the
Cure for cancer soon.

                 - quotes-haven

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Haha! Great job sir Vincent!

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It's a great start and they are improving all the time so we'll see how good they get with this process. Right now they're doubling life spans with patients who have the worst forms of cancer.

Great news indeed. 😊 👍

Very interesting i am sure there are many good ways of stopping cancer but the big pharmaceuticals bury them because they would miss out on millions of dollars.

That has sure been the case so it's surprising that this treatment is growing so well.

And i hope it keeps growing and no one shuts him down wishing him all the luck 👍

I’m for anything that cures cancer and no side affects, This makes more sense than the treatments that are so hard on the patient and they sometimes die anyway.

  ·  last month (edited)

I agree redheadpei, they have to come up with better treatments like this instead of the horrible ones they usually use. I don't think the traditional treatments have changed in the last 75 years, that's insane in this day of high tech advancements!