Life is wild! - Who am I and what can you expect of me?

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Who am I?

Good morning world
Nobody can really say who they are in a biography, let alone a post on the internet. Instead, I am going to try and give you a few details about who I am

My name is Trevor and I am an electric vehicle and crypto enthusiast. The world is a crazy place with so many changes happening so fast that it's hard to keep up!

I made an introduction post earlier in the week and have since decided that I should really introduce myself, tell you what I am about and what you can expect from me in terms of content.

A little over two years ago I had become totally disenchanted with working in restaurants after cooking for more than 10 years and going to school for it. It was time for a change into something new that I had no experience with, no reason to think I would be able to do it, and nothing but the love and support of my wife to keep me going.

A year and a half ago I had decided I was going to take a risk and move into a new position selling cars, just before the COVID19 pandemic hit the world. What a wild ride. Over the last year and a half, I also fell in love with data, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrencies. Sometimes it doesn't even feel looking back at how much has changed.

What have I done?
I have been able to establish myself as an authority in the electric vehicle market where I live, I have a steady stream of clients who share my passion for electric vehicles, discovered a new social media platform that rewards me with crypto for doing what I normally do, and I am in the process of establishing a diversified portfolio of crypto for long-term investing.

What happens next?

Nobody really knows what's coming next for themselves, as the late Steve Jobs says "You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward.” I have an ambition that is being tempered by experience more each day, and that ambition, much like Steve Jobs, is to make a dent in the universe. If I take action every day to move the needle towards a future that is mine to create.

There are only three things I know for sure, for better or worse.

  1. Technology and automation is disrupting the market as a whole in ways that are very difficult to perceive. This is going to impact labor, capital, supply, and demand in ways we can only guess.

  2. Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. A push for environmentally friendly alternatives, a move away from oil and gas, and growth in mainstream electric vehicle adoption are unfolding now across the world.

  3. Fiat currency is not sustainable and cryptocurrency is going to be the biggest revolution in the financial sector since double bookkeeping in the renaisance. There is no way to stop crypto adoption, all we can do is adapt.

Given the love of research I have acquired across the different industries, the long-term outlook of cryptocurrency, and the massive returns that are available for those who are patient, I dare to dream that one can become a very successful crypto investor by making concrete decisions and trading smart.

Last night I was approached by a prospective client about the possibility of starting a small-scale crypto fund. Maybe this goes nowhere, maybe it does. Who knows, but it is by far the most exciting moment since I got married and I am looking forward to giving it my all!

What Kind of Content Can You Expect?
I still don't really know what this journey is going to have in store, but I will be sharing it as it unfolds. There are going to be times where I share electric vehicle and crypto news and market developments, and there will be times where I just want to share my thoughts.

In short, you will get to see how I see the world how I see it, and see my thoughts about it. There will be times I am right. There will be times I am wrong. All I can promise is that I will lay out my thinking, explain how I came to my conclusions, and of course, I will always be open to critique.

I am not going to set a limit on the things that I will discuss, share, or create because I can't see far enough in the future to know. What you will get by following my content are my honest thoughts and updates on how things unfold. I am going to try to be right more than I am wrong, and when I am wrong, which I know will happen, you can expect a change.

Thank you to anyone who is still reading, I am looking forward to sharing the experiences I have with you and learning a ton from this community!

Thanks everyone!