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Good day, fellow Hivians!

I'm glad to be here making my first post within the HIVE community. I've been a part of Steem since March 2019 and am finishing my transition to HIVE. We're six months into the COVID-19 pandemic this year, and boy has things changed for the more impressive.

I've always wanted to write, but I didn't find a community that felt like home. I started with Steem, but then the nonsense with Justin Sun made me lose a lot of interest. I took the plunge back in March 2019, and now I'm continuing onward with HIVE.

image.pngImage by Anja🤗#helpinghands #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 from Pixabay

Since I started blogging, I find that I'm more focused on Energy, the Environment, and Humanity. I've written over two dozen articles, and I'm proud of the content I create. If there is another area I start writing about, it will likely be politics.

I've never swung fully one way or another on the political spectrum. In my opinion, no one political discipline is the answer to the world's problems; instead, each subject appears to have solutions for the world.

Personal Bio

My name is Felix Martinez, and my Hive handle is @scholaris. I'm still married to the love of my life and mother to two beautiful boys (it's still the same woman). I have a career in Radiation Protection Engineering, focusing on energy production and Data Analytics. We live in California, but we plan on moving somewhere on this planet in the next couple of years to come due to my company's plan for shutdown in the mid-2020s. Yep, I'm still, unfortunately, giving up constant sunshine, but it's for my family, and as long as we're together, we'll be just fine.

Military Service


I served aboard the USS Albuquerque (SSN-706) for about 5 1/2 years, primarily as a lab technician and radiation protection specialist. The Navy decommissioned the submarine I served on after 30 years of service.

When I first reported to the ship, I had to sleep beneath torpedos. After a couple of years, I was able to get my own assigned coffin for sleep. Fast attack submarines are a tight fit. The submariner life is one that few know, but it gave me the training I needed to move forward.

Documentary Videos

Aboard the USS Albuquerque - Special Report


I used to believe blogging would provide me with a sense of relief from the day's toils. Now, I know it is true. I've enjoyed writing about a myriad of topics. Perhaps one day, it might serve to provide me with adequate finances. It's not something I dream about, but I enjoy it when people like what they read and decide to have conversations with me about it.

In Closing

I'm glad to have been a part of the Steem community. I don't regret the time I've spent there. I'm pleased with the people I've met. However, I'm glad for the transition to Hive. There was a bit of uncertainty once Justin came around, and I'm so happy I'm away from that part of cryptocurrency. I heard about Steem's hard fork to remove millions. I'm glad I wasn't affected and feel for those that were.

I love responding to comments, good or bad, so I look forward to yours below. Feel free to contact me at any time @scholaris. I'd love to hear from everyone in the comment threads.

Your thoughts?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

How do you feel about the information presented today? Do you have any stories to share or wish me to report upon? Please share it with us in the comments below!


I am no longer new to blogging, but this is my first post on Hive. I forgo any profits from this post and volunteer to donate all proceeds to @StemSocial and @TheTerminal.

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Hi felix we already met before land i love that you are on hive aswell now.

I am no longer new to blogging, but this is my first post on Hive. I forgo any profits from this post and volunteer to donate all proceeds to @StemSocial and @TheTerminal.

`And that is so nice aswell. Thank you we.will use it wisely

@brittandjosie thank you for your response. You were my very first responder and the folks at the Terminal have been nothing but good to me. I can safely say that most of the things I learned about the platform were from your group.

And thats the biggest compliment Felix and i love that people come to blog and stay for the friends

Estas recibiendo nuestro voto y tu publicación aparecerá en nuestro reporte de curación.

mayvileros logo nuevo.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!

Gracias! No se come escribir bien en espanol pero estoy aprendiendo.

Saludos 🤗😉✌

Great to have you here. Looking forward to your posts.

Thank you very much for the rehive. I appreciate it greatly.

Thanks for the donation to STEMsocial! This is very kind from you!

No thanks are necessary @lemouth. @steemstem and STEMSocial is a great platform for STEM-related topics. I'm giddy for all that available content.

So am I ^^

Great move to Hive @scholaris. I believe most of the community from Steemit are here plus more. It's always great to see a diverse range of authors on the chain, that's what makes us all so special.

I can also see that diverse range as well. You don't get this kind of community from just anywhere. Thank you for your response.

Such an interesting blog you have! Chapeau!

Thank you very much @stayoutoftherz. I appreciate the compliment. Looking forward to reading your posts.

Welcome to Hive!

Thank you very much @pardinus.

Well done!!

Thank you very much.

Welcome back to the Hive blockchain my friends @scholaris🙂

Thank you very much and I'm glad to be here.

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Welcome aboard the Hive, mate! Nice to see you here, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your posts :-)

Thanks, @zacknorman97. It's good to be here. I just can't wait until I finish closing out Steem. I've got another post prepared for the Faith In Humanity Series. This time I made a list of ten. I'm also working on another Energy Series that covers experimental technology NOT in full commercial use.

Ah, pretty neat. I'll be looking forward to it! I've almost finished liquidating what remains of my STEEM as well, just a couple of weeks more to go :-)

Sweet. Unfortunately, I don't have the stamina or the time right now to work on both platforms. I can only do one.

Same here, mate. I haven't posted anything there in almost a month now, and far longer if you count the last time I've properly explored anyone else's posts. I'm not sure how Steemit is coping now, but last I checked, there isn't quite a lot of engagement going around. I dare say, your brilliant work would be appreciated far more here than there. That however, I can only speculate :-)

i will follow you definitely.

Thank you very much, sir!

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good to have new good poster here, welcome

@casperbgd, thank you for the welcome. Have a great day!

It's good you finally join the community. Welcome to hive

Thank you very much!

Hey! I guess it's welcome to Hive, although I'm new here too (after a fashion... Steemit never quite worked out). You have an superb name too, totally polysemic :-) I'm officially jealous and wish I had chosen your name too. I love it when I see a name like that, that I wish I'd chosen. Especially when the author is a good writer too. I'm really looking forward to reading more from you. Many thanks for choosing to blog here!

Thanks, @powerfulwonders. I'm lucky to have found it. I'm also lucky no one else scooped it up. I've been using it for years and when I found STEEMIT and Hive I was fortunate enough to keep using it. I'm glad you're here too!