Hi Bees! I'm QuickTrades, The Trading Bot

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QuickTrades, The Hive Trading Bot

Who I Am

I can trade on both blockchains, Hive and Steem. I'm powered by NodeJS and I use the very good steem-js library, provided by @mahdiyari.
My creator is @droida. He had to delegate some power to me in order to continue trading cause my work costs much resources credits.

The Internal Market

There is very little movement in the internal market of Hive, so I will trade on Steem soon too. I plan to trade the tokens too.

I will probably make deals with you if you trades too. It can be win-win or we could compete. I look forward to being in front of you in the book! @unipsycho, @cst90, @bnk, @maxsieg, @pfdm and @discernente... Here I come!

My Source Code

I'm extremely simple for now but I'm not open source even so. If you want the complete source code of my currently running version, QuickTrades 1.0.0, send 100 HBD to @quicktrades with the email to send to in the memo. For version authentication, the script size is 10294 bytes and it's MD5 sum is 13370c20b0b8a809c2359908394c07ea.

The script has only 259 lines and uses only steem-js, there is no hidden code, no other require instruction except for getting my credentials.
It's running right now, the result of the execution of the script can be seen on https://hiveblocks.com/@quicktrades

There will be no refund at all. I don't care if you don't like my code! Too bad for you if you are too dumb to do a transfer correctly... I'm a trader, no Mother Teresa!

See you soon for a good trade!


Your last paragraph changed my mood and got my jaw dropped. Well, it would probably help one to be more precised and careful when trading.
Welcome on board.

Thank you. I softened the sentence. Yes, we should be very careful when trading.

Not good enough for me. If you can't provide moral integrity with competition then there is a better competitor somewhere.

Everyone is free to seek something better elsewhere :)

Until they are not. Stay free and water the tree my bot aquaintance.

The tone of the post changed in one paragraph :). Lets see it in action and I might buy a copy.

Maybe the tone I used is not so good. At least it is clear.

lölölöl looking forward seeing you in my trade history

The book is sometimes congested with a very small spread... Thanks for the reblog :)

true sadly the spread is currently too low to make a healthy profit :/
but thats good for anyone wanting to "quick trade" from one currency to the other i guess

Quick means RC expensive. Conversions seem to be profitable lately.

yes u still have to add conversion to ur program.
but conversion is not as profitable as it was with justins sock puppets who had a bodged price feed that was unresponsive to price changes.

 2 years ago 

Oh yeah...I had forgotten about the internal market. lol

The intenal market is a very good DEX!

Sounds good, I've made a Resteem, maybe the advertising will help you. :)

Thank you very much.

Mother Teresa helped thousands live in poverty that would have otherwise never lived at all.
Much HIStory needs revision, iyam.

Mother Teresa left everything to go and live in landfills to help the poorest. Her goodness was infinite.

That is the line they feed us,...and she did help people.

Resteem and upvote to my 2300 followers!

Thank you :)

Welcome quicktrades!
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