Thank you, I am browsing now. What an amazing Universe you guys have over here. Won't be a secret for long !

Yeah. It's cool. And so is your work. I reblogged. Maybe a few others will notice.

I reblogged too. His work is pretty awesome.

Certainly doesn't deserve to become another member of the unseen.

I agree completely

Yo @darthmantis I sent you some 'Resource credits' in the form an HP(Hive power) delegation. Temporary loan that I can pull the plug on at any time. Posting, voting, commenting; these all cost resource credits but it does recharge over time like a battery. You were 8% which would have taken five days to recharge fully. Now you're at about 70% so as long as you're not being wasteful that should allow you interact with the platform somewhat normally. Just be sure to build up some Hive Power of your own through earnings or even making a purchase; your call of course. Think of it like: It takes money to make money. You're in a position where you could even sell an NFT and convert some of that into HP instead of just buying weed.. LOL! Plenty of opportunities here but getting started is always a grind so be patient and have fun.

Good luck.

wow, can't thank you enough for this gesture. I am really humbled by the welcome I have received here. I learned about the resource credits and it's like the "Force" in Star Wars. I plan to make an investment in this account. In the meantime I appreciate your loan and hopefully you can take it back soon and give to some other newbs that join up. I'm a bit overwhelmed at this point but this place is amazing. A rabbit hole really. I need more time in the day to spend just exploring. Thank you !

Just take it slow. Another thing to know is there's a 'force' behind voting as well. I have a decent stack of HP, so my vote is worth more than someone with less HP. But we can only use the vote so many times in a day (roughly ten at full power, 20 at half power, we can adjust the 'weight' to use up more power or less). The voting power drops down with each vote, making them weaker or worth less, the more one votes, but that too recharges like a battery. It's not like a traditional 'like' button. So with limited voting power, there's only so many votes to hand out in a day, and plenty of people around. Posting too much in a day is typically a waste of time. Quality over quantity. Something to keep in mind. Ease in. It'll make more sense as you progress.

Try to mingle as well otherwise you're somewhat invisible here. There's a lot to learn and also a lot people that can help.

great advice, very helpful, thanks