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RE: 25 year old girl from Vladivostok living in Oslo, #introduceyourself

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Hii! And welcome here ;) all the Best wishes for You

I wanna know in where countries are You been. It's a cool interésting topic :)
I'm in blockchain world since 2017, for me it's awesome cause i'm músician and painter/photographer, so it's another world! It's Very amazing cause A Lot of amazing people are here show theirs own art. It's like a global platform/art gallery, it's better that normal world, cause here co-exists a LOT of talented people, everyone try to help others and valórate the other art. A Lot of people make real life meet ups or create art together. And of course You can monetize your art. In My case I earn money here in a way that i cant imagine in real life. The same with others arts. If You have any doubt please let me know. But here everyone without any trouble can help You and guise you. Here we are all the same: wonderfull people creating future now.

Salut from Caracas, Venezuela, southamerica