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Hi Hive,

I think you certainly know me better under one of my others accounts such as @french-tech, @imtase or @ten-years-before which I created more than 2 years ago and where I do tech & travel posts.

A little Story

A long, long time ago, a baby opened its eyes for the first time in this world, we were the year of Atari's first arcade video game PONG in the suburbs of Paris. Rocked by the first game consoles and computer with cassette player as a teenager he went through the raging AA (Atari/Amiga) conflict. War that gradually came to an end with the arrival of a revolution, the PC and its i386 SX 25. Completely addicted to his computer, the teenager never resisted very long to each release of new components, processor evolution even though he knew it meant spending time adjusting the jumpers and dealing with IRQ conflicts.

Having played a lot of video games, read all the computer magazines he had on hand and starting to travel the world on his modem 14.4k, he naturally turned to studying IT.

After a few years of study, as soon as he graduated he found himself immersed in the world of work. First of all in a major investment banking as a system administrator, back in the days of LAN Manager (DOS) and NetWare (Novell) networks, low-speed international links and when Dubai and Abhu Dhabi was no bigger than a village. Few years later, in the world of cosmetic with the leader in the sector as IT manager of one of the branches, then as an IT architect for a major automotive group travelling across Europe...

Once he became Information Systems Director (ISD), at the limit of burnout he thought he had done the trick and that it was time for him to get back to basics, to more fun. Great lover of travel, he had been touched by the charm of Japan and Asia, seeking to leave the dreariness of the Parisian sky and the coldness of the weather, he decided to expatriate to Thailand.

My setup

He has been leading a healthier life for 6 years now, having his coffee in his underwear in the morning in his garden and reading the latest posts on Hive, watching the wonderful sunrise every day before going to work in a good mood and conviviality for his small IT development company, under the spell of the beauty of the stars in the evening.

Sunset from Karon

Why set up a witness server?

Just for fun, just to put a little more hands in this blockchain that I find captivating and interesting. The best way to learn something is to practice it, to dissect it to see what's inside. Making a Witness server is also a good way to satisfy my thirst for learning and a good starting point for more ambitious projects.

This has already allowed me to test several documentation (as steem-pressure series from gtg, the manual way from timcliff and Steem-in-a-box from someguy123) and to create my own on the configuration of a witness server (manual way).

[WITNESS server - part I] - Setup & Tuning Ubuntu 18.04
[WITNESS server - part II] - HIVE - The manual way
[WITNESS server - part III] - Wallet and Price Feed

But also to finally launch myself in the realization of a small toolbox (first lite version available very soon) that I wanted to realize more than a year ago to use it as a playground for my projects..


Why on Hive?

Why not? 😆 I think it's a good place to meet very interesting and valuable people. I was able to meet on Steem a person who had made the same trip as me in Japan and who felt the same way, but also a researcher in particle physics, great travellers, videos makers, storytellers, developers... and I hope it continues on Hive for a long, long time.

What about decentralisation?

A purely marketing word like democracy, some people come close to it, but not 100% because of the bias of human nature that makes the noisiest man more listened to than the wisest man. Perhaps one day, with perseverance, we will achieve total decentralisation, which is why we must never surrender.

Hardware for this Witness server

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 4 Cores/8 Threads 3.50 GHz
RAM: 32GB DDR4 ECC 2133MHz

The server is located in a 20,000 square meter datacenter in Europe (200km from London, 300km from Paris, 350km from Amsterdam).

Vote for me?

If you think I'd make a good witness I'd be very pleased.

To do this you can either:

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Wwlcome to hive man.


Salut enculer, tu continues toi au 20e jours. Va manger ta merde !

Là, par contre cela commence à suffire, @hive-143869 a tenu promesse et n'a plus rien fait DU TOUT. @mintrawa est un witness et n'est PAS ni hive-143869 ni itharagaian.

Arrêtes de croire que je suis tout le monde. Et surtout arrêtes d'insulter tout le monde, tu te rends seulement compte des mots que tu utilises???

Et oui on downvote ton insulte gratuite là ...
Y a aucune raison de tolérer cela, surtout que tu upvotes tes méfaits !

Ta gueule connard, tu es hive tu es plusieurs comptes ! Quel promesse espèce de con ?!

Tu verras je vais devenir un gros spammer de plusieurs comptes, ici petit à petit !

La promesse de downvoter chaque fois que tu es insultant d'un façon où l'autre, c'est cela ma promesse.

Hive-143869 est de toi, alors arrête de faire le double personnalité comme si c'est pas toi espèce de connard de trou du cul. Va lécher ta mère !

oui hive-143869 et itharagain c'est moi, apprend à lire, c'est MINTRAWA que je ne suis pas.