Introduce Yourself: Blockchain-obsessed Renaissance Women

Salutations from an optimistic, peripatetic techie, academic and trained architect with a unique way of stringing words together to make ears bend and hearts sing. What contribution do I bring to the community? A knack for all things artistic - and in this case, a severe case of #synesthesia that results in the composition of original music and a book in the making, in traditional singer-songwriter fashion with a taste for Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, or Americas Got Talent's Grace Vanderwaal vocalist vibes. My songs, like my story, are unique because of my background - studying architecture for 7 consecutive years and attending #MIT on a full scholarship, culminating in some exciting urban analysis work fused with technology. I moved from architecture to technology but never left - working on smart buildings, smart cities and IoT projects that pertain to people and the way technology serves them in spatial settings. I love technology but have always had an artist's heart and mentality - leading my music and visual arts to often become a blend of technology and love, and my lyrics become the only place where my passion for art and advanced technology seamlessly intersect.

Happy to be here - any welcome all commentary and questions on anything #architecture, #technology #hyperloop, #crypto, #blockchain , #art or #poetry. And as the title states: I'm a blockchain-obsessed Renaissance Woman working in the arts and STEM, aka STE(A)M.


Connect with me on any and all SM and arts platforms -
Instagram @_breanna.faye , @_b.faye (poetry account)
Facebook: @breannafaye88
Steemit: @itinerantartist
Blurt: @breannafaye
Hive: @breannafaye
Twitter: @_breannafaye


That sounds super awesome. Welcome aboard, I'm sure you'll fit right in here. But you can't just post a pic like that without explaining WHAT that deal is behind you - if you can!?!? That is if it's not too confidential I mean!! 😉 It's just too perplexing. Is it the future of Maglev or the latest AI powered analog synthesizer? WE NEED TO KNOW!! 🤣

thank you for the warm welcome! that was at #Autodesk 's Future of Making Things conference pre covid times, and the friend photobombing me is a hyperloop pod prototype featuring (you guessed it!) magnetic levitation tech on a copper platform. i do #hyperloop things sometimes :) - Also just found out about the fork yesterday so actually had a prior account. Now I'll be deciding what to do with both ;p

Welcome breannafaye!
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Welcome to the Hive blockchain, I see you were on the old platform, moving to new, hope you find yourself enjoying life here sharing all you are experiencing in life.

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Hello @breannafaye . This is @macchiata from the @ocd team. Welcome to the hive blockchain and congratulations for making your introductory post. Feel free to hop into our Discord server in order to interact with thousands of other Hive users and get whatever question you might have answered.

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OnChainArt is a community for serious artists.

Have fun exploring Hive blockchain.

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Welcome to Hive. You seem like someone who can find a place to build your own niche here - good luck!

Welcome @breannafaye
Look forward to work together for Peace & Freedom