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Hello world and other fellow engineering geeks,

Welcome to the realm of my thoughts of all things political, social, scientific, and anything I feel I want to analyze. As implied above I am an engineer, or by the standards of Oklahoma State University, a student of Mechanical and Aerospace engineering. This account has been created in accordance with the requirements of my Entrepreneurial Value Creation in Society seminar, which is taught by @trostparadox, and I am personally interested to see what ideas my thoughts provoke in others.

I am very interested in the psychological aspects of the human psyche, I am always curious about why some people decide their affiliations the way they do. I personally do not affiliate full-heartedly with any groups because I take every situation on a case-by-case basis. So please tell me your full honest opinions if you comment on any of my posts.

Source: Personal photo

My interests also consist of being an avid music listener, reading any chance I get, playing a variety of video games, and learning new skills or hobbies whenever I can. I have an orange tabby named, Garfield, the SPCA named him ironically or iconically whatever your opinion is. I really enjoy being outside and one day I hope to build something that goes into space. I am also looking at pursuing a Master's degree in Nuclear Engineering but that is still a work in progress.

I look forward to learning more about the capabilities of this site and sharing my opinions.


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Welcome to the Hive community @dilucadomain!
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Have fun and happy Hiving!

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