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RE: Interview: John McAfee | We all worked hard on McAfeeDex

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Hi @blockchainfo

What do you think about McAfee's bet, do you see it happening (BTC worth 2 mil. USD by end of 2020)?

I believe that he is very close to the real one in the measure that exists less the currency will be but high its price until gave a very valid example the marijuana has 75 years that you have it prohibited but it is consumed more every year.

What is your opinion on decentralized exchanges as a future for crypto trading?

It is very good that these exchanges are decentralized, that they are made from person to person,

Do you agree with John McAfee, that crypto is the greatest opportunity ever given to the people?

Of course I totally agree. I'm so sorry I didn't know the crypto long before.


Thank you for your reply, I think he is a smart dude, but the 2 milion bet is probably too risky, but who knows...