Interview: John McAfee | We all worked hard on McAfeeDex

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Enjoy our exclusive interview with a veteran over cybersecurity and cryptocurrencies, John McAfee himself! He gave us ideas and opinions about decentralization and crypto. This is our first and probably the last interview with the US presidential candidate ever!

Thank you, John, for joining our blockchainterview.

What are we talking about today my friend?

How is your presidency candidacy going at this moment? Do you see any real chances for your election?

The answer is „no chances for me” and I don’t dream to be a president. You know I’m running to make a point. America is having a two-party system, democrats and republicans. I’m in a libertarian party, its third-largest party and we’ve never won an election, not a national one.

I’m running just to have a national status. I ran in 2016 for the same party and I got the national status at that time.

Is there anything that can be done for crypto by the president of the US?

We don’t want the president of the USA involved in crypto. We don’t want congress involved.

This is a technology that runs from the people. Realize, cryptocurrency and blockchain did not come from Apple, or IBM, or Microsoft or Google. None of the technology giants.

It came from the people. It’s the first technology in my memory that came from the people! That has power. That has and it needs to stay in our hands.

We don’t want governments control, that is why I’ve been saying: distributed exchanges, privacy coins, free yourself economically! And you free yourself in every other way. And governments do not want you to be free. It’s your choice.

Use this technology properly or waste the greatest opportunity ever given to the individual spirit!

You´ve been saying for long time, that decentralized exchanges are very important for the future of crypto so you just launched one. McAfeeDex is unique by not collecting customer information and having 0 fees for makers. Why you decide to start it and how long it took from the first idea of making it till the launch? How many people participated on this project?

I’ve been involved in many of the decentralized exchanges projects, but most of them failed. The technology sounds awesome – atomic swaps! Put it in reality, the timeframes are insufferable and can´t work.

And it simply became clear that one of my companies, that is companies I’ve been supporting and advising and working with wants to win this war. And so, I abandoned everything else and this is it. And I put full pressure on these people.

This is the only way; you must get this thing done.

And it’s a hard road, its seriously hard road! And it’s something many people can’t understand, how can you not be responsible?!

Listen, we put it on blockchain. It’s there. I’m sorry. You can punish me to putting it there, but you can’t take it off. So, what am I supposed to do? I mean, I am not god, I can’t just magically change the law of mathematics. So, we can’t pop it off the chain. It can’t be done.

So now, if you are stacked with your world, now, good or bad it whether succeeds or not depends on what we do in the next few months. We got to fix our obvious user interface problems.

And your money totally secure, that much is absolutely sure. We’ve opensourced the smart contracts.

If you deposit money in and you don’t get your exchange, your money comes back. It can’t possibly be changed.

So, you don’t need to trust the person on the other end, it can be Satan himself. And unless Satan can change the laws of the mathematics, he can’t fuck you all.

So, this is the beauty of it all. And it can’t be stopped.

I mean, the decentralization, if you still have centralized portal that can be stopped. No.

They can’t shut it down. What governments gonna do? They wanna regulate? They want you to deregulate? Lose if you wanna pass it its illegal?

Marijuana has been illegal for 75 years and it has not stopped a single weed smoker. So, you think its gonna stop cryptocurrencies? Please, god, wake up America!

John McAfee during the interview

What calculation you´ve made to figure out the possible price of Bitcoin to be 2 million USD?

People asking me all the time.

It’s a matter of scarcity of the coin. You realize we have 3 million coin left to mine and there won’t be any new coins! We know for a fact that there gonna be fewer and fewer over time. People forget their keys; this is what’s being happening.

Bitcoin total supply is shrinking dramatically. 7 million coins lost already! Never to be recovered! Because of this beauty mathematic since it can’t be changed, it can’t be recovered. I’m sorry (laughing).

And the stores, they’re lost! So, use your head, people! Bitcoin will forever decrease in size. Until its only 1 Bitcoin left. I mean it’s in all sincerity. Use your heads.

And then run some math, look at the diminishing rate of Bitcoins. The rising acceptance of Bitcoin. And run some simple geometric graphs.

If it’s less than 2 million dollars by the end of 2020, you forgot having at two and two. I mean, it’s simple, please people.

Do you think that then the price of Bitcoin will stabilize in some way and become less volatile? Or can every next halvening and with bigger adoption still make Bitcoin new and new highs? It must stop somewhere, right?

It´s limited only by the market. I’m not talking about the market for the coin, I’m talking about the market using the coin.

People need to get out and use it. Buy something with it! That will increase its value. Sell something and accept Bitcoin! That will increase its value.

And it’s happening more and more. So, as that rises and as the total supply decreases, good god, people use your heads!

Thank you for your time!

What do you think about McAfee´s bet, do you see it happening (BTC worth 2 mil. USD by end of 2020)?
What is your opinion on decentralized exchanges as a future for crypto trading?
Do you agree with John McAfee, that crypto is the greatest opportunity ever given to the people?


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Never knew he ran in 2016 or running now. For the price, I doubt it will go that high.

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Yes, but for the libertarian party, so there are no news about it almost anywhere. Check out his official campaign website I doubt it too, its too optimistic.

If it means steem prices will go up too, I got no problem. Thanks for the info

Hi @blockchainfo

What do you think about McAfee's bet, do you see it happening (BTC worth 2 mil. USD by end of 2020)?

I believe that he is very close to the real one in the measure that exists less the currency will be but high its price until gave a very valid example the marijuana has 75 years that you have it prohibited but it is consumed more every year.

What is your opinion on decentralized exchanges as a future for crypto trading?

It is very good that these exchanges are decentralized, that they are made from person to person,

Do you agree with John McAfee, that crypto is the greatest opportunity ever given to the people?

Of course I totally agree. I'm so sorry I didn't know the crypto long before.

Thank you for your reply, I think he is a smart dude, but the 2 milion bet is probably too risky, but who knows...

OK ... I must have been very disconnected from the world, I didn't know that John McAfee was a presidential candidate from the United States.

I like that he is so clear about his chances of winning and that he is oriented rather to the visibility of his cause.

Yeah, that’s funny, isn’t it? Check out his official campaign website His mottos are "Don’t vote McAfee" and "Get your soul back".

@blockchainfo, One thing is very empowering and that is, Cryptocurrency came from the people and it's lead by the Free Spirits. In my opinion these are empowering words for sure. Stay blessed.

Thank you, yes I agree on this! This is a great quote for sure. He knows how to name things.

Sounds true. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

Hi @blockchainfo

Sorry for such a late comment. I only had a chance to check out your publication a moment ago.

John McAfee himself! He gave us ideas and opinions about decentralization and crypto.

I honestly do not know how seriously should I ever treat any words coming out from this guys mouth. I'm also curious what would be response if you would ask 1000 random US citizens if they ever heard about John McAfee.

I bet hardly anyone would know who he is and that he is dreaming about being a president. What point does he want to make, except of being on the first page of news? Hard to tell. This dude is just so full of S**T :/

Anyway great piece of work. Did you interview him personally?

ps. Perhaps you could bold questions towards him or make them italic. It's very hard to figure out which part of this conversation is his words, and which parts = interviewer.

Upvoted already :)
Yours, Piotr

That was a video call, so it was amazing to be in touch with that person. I understand your point with seriousnes of his words, definitely it is about to consider, what is meant in joke (his price prediction, presidential campain) or a manipulation (like his altcoin-shilling reputation) and what he mean for real. But as is background of builder of antivirus company and now decentralized exchnage, he takes care about ones privacy and self-freedom. That is for sure. But yeah, quite complicated mate it is, that is true. And I needed to cut the interview a bit to make it more interesting.

The questions are bold, but maybe when they will be bold+italic, that would be better, thanx for the point.

Dear @blockchainfo

Thank you for your kind comment and sorry for replying so late. Hope you're okey.

May I ask you for little favour? I'm not sure if I did ask you about it already or not (hope I'm not repeating myself).

Could you please check out also my recent post if you have few min and share your thoughts on questions related to concept of "introducing steem blockchain to businesses":

Your feedback is always appreciated ;) And I will upvote most valuable comment with 100-200k SP coming from project.hope account.
Yours, Piotr

Resteemed and upvoted already @blockchainfo :)

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