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RE: How the Internet Radicalizes People: Exhibit A

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The Internet does not "radicalize" and knives do not make criminals .. the Internet only helps to bring back out what is suppressed in humans and their natural feelings and characters by a criminal system forcing us into "equalities" and uniformation !


People are letting the internet radicalize them. The responsibility is on us.

"...we need to learn how to moderate..."

in a lab they tested it with mice and rats -- "moderated" them .. all the ones who were more patient and "peaceful" died and became victims of others, got less food, were mobbed, had a shorter lifespan .. nature made us to survive == survival of the fittest -- suppressing this for a while will always create a backflash ! And no - humans are not different -- we are just walking and talking big Apes .. nothing else -- evolution works in all of our cells and genes ..

But we need to learn to moderate because we have abundance, something rats do not have. Ever hear about the rats given unlimited amounts of food?

We have to be better than rats.

Nature did not create a "to be given" but free Rats fight for food and the strongest survive .. any breaking of natural law leads into degneration because it breeds the weaker too and they sooner or later will overrule the strong and intelligent ones .. the end of a species .. no matter if Rats, Apes or Humans !