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RE: How the Internet Radicalizes People: Exhibit A

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Most of the women are talking from experience

Now, imagine getting married to a man who won't allow you to be yourself

A man who wants you to stay home, give birth to children, and that is the end

Most women are feminine in nature but have the heart and strength of a man, so they will not be able to handle or withstand staying home idle with no pursuit whatsoever

So they choose the path of life that comes with no husband nor children, that way, the responsibility of respecting their man and heeding his words to the detriment of who they would have loved to be is taken out of the way

This is my former self speaking though

My current self knows that even though you have such a man who would not want to compete with you for anything, women can find ways by which they can make their husbands support their dreams, without these men thinking they(their wives) are out to defame them

By the time, the women are able to do this, they will discover that the men will be pleased to have the helpmate that the scripture promised

Women no longer want to be liabilities, that is why it seems their answers were coherent


Their answers may seem coherent to some people given the greater context. Yet there is no coherence in dehumanizing mothers.

Yet there is no coherence in dehumanizing mothers.

@fedoraonmyhead, I agree with you, but shockingly, this is the sad reality we lie in