Orgonite energy to harmonize the atmosphere - fact or fiction?

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maybe some of you have heard about it - some not.

There are people on the Internet claiming that orgonites can harmonize the weather.
Depending on their statements, the orgonite energy re-harmonizes the atmosphere back into a "natural state".

So they state that engineered weather is set back into its natural state.

For being honest: I was never sure if this was true.
So I decided to play around a bit with the small orgonite I got from a friend!

(This should not mean that I want to proof anything - I just wanted to show you some observations I've made - it can be a lucky coincidence as well. The idea is to proof/disproof it)

My orgonite crystal is not really big (like the ones of the people that state that it works against weather manipulation are WAY bigger).
Additionally, I don't have any pipes within the crystal, like a usual "Cloudbuster" does.

The sky yesterday looked like this:


So I aligned the top of the orgonite with the sun. According to "orgonite experts", it's neccessary to re-align in intervals - always straight to the (future) direction of the sun.


After 35 minutes, the sky cleared up a bit:


I kept re-aligning the orgonite from hour to hour.
The following pictures show a timeframe of exactly 2 hours:




Do you see what I see? Of course this can be a lucky coincidence for sure! But it also could not.

I will keep experimenting with it and present you honest (!) results the upcoming weeks - stay tuned!

Not it's your turn:

What do you think about orgonite energy? Is it really effective or just another way to make money from semi-woke people? Do you have any experiences with it? Let us know!




Orgonite energy sounds very scientific. I need look this up.


Why does Snoop Dogg carry around an umbrella.
Fo Drizzle.

Credit: reddit
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Haters would call it "pseudo scientific" 😛

super cool ! I read an article that it should also work with a bowl of vinegar, have not tested it yet

Yeah I read that too but one should need a bit more of it. Will try it soon! :-) Thanks!

Yes it works.
I also have a big orgonite and done quite some work with him :)
He is hidden on my blog, one can see him from time to time but only if you know what youre looking for.

Recommend everything written by Reich.

Very cool that your friend gave you one for experimentation :)

Really? 😍 nice to hear!
Sounds like a riddle haha, will try to look for it 👀

I am asking myself what happens if more people do it 🤪

And thanks for the recommendation!

Yeah, I think he still does not "believe" it works against climate engineering 😂

Yay! 🤗
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