Study Links Fluoridated Water During Pregnancy to Lower IQs

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An influential medical journal published a study Monday that links fluoride consumption during pregnancy with lower childhood IQs—a finding that could undermine decades of public-health messaging, fire up conspiracy theorists, and alarm mothers-to-be.

The research was expected to be so controversial that JAMA Pediatrics included an editor’s note saying the decision to publish it was not easy and that it was subjected to “additional scrutiny.”

Specifically, they found a 1 mg per liter increase in concentration of fluoride in urine was associated with a 4.5 point decrease in IQ among boys

All the fluoride haters should be loving this new study. Sure it's controversial and I respect the editors decision to still release the data because people have the right to know the truth about their water supply. It's not just fluoride in the drinking water that you should be worried about, the chlorine they put in the water is designed to kill bacteria and now they put chloramines, a new form a chlorine in the water that doesn't evaporated and stays in water. So what do you think all that chlorine you're drinking is doing to your healthy gut bacteria? Also, there's trace amounts of pesticides, heavy metals and prescription drugs in our water that isn't good to be drinking either.

I'm not an expert in the field of safe drinking water but if I can cure my IBS symptoms in two months with a water filter sold by Infowars than something must be wrong with the tap water I was drinking before. So I'm all about raising the alarm on drinking plain old tap water. Everyone should be filtering their water for maintaining healthy gut bacteria and for preventing the lowering of their IQs from the fluoride. We have an epidemic of digestive problems in this country now that weren't present a generation ago and I have to believe some of that is caused by what's in our tap water.

This garbage should definitely be banned. Use plain old distilled water to mix your formula with instead of this IQ lowering drug.


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