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RE: Are We At the End of Humanity's Mental Capabilities? Black Pigeon Speaks

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I note that BPS seems to be ignoring decentralization.

There is now a car company that crowd-sources designs, and folks can actually build them personally at the company's factory, or can pay them to make it. Very interesting designs are coming out that plant.

My kid's in a band, and note the industry has dramatically changed. Only the specific acts promoted by propagandists become 'stars' anymore. Yet more bands than ever are playing venues and selling songs - just not via payola radio.

Regarding all aspects of popular culture, there are two types: type A, which is vastly diversified, or type B, which is whatever centralized mills pump out. Movies well reflect this trend. Slop from the legacy studios more than ever consists of formulaic crap and reboots and sequels of the same.

Innovation is being fermented fervently, just not in the studios that have been the focus of propaganda.

I just undertook a new means of production, so that I can produce goods I want without relying on anyone to produce them for me.

This is absolute refutation of BPS's thesis. He's focusing on propaganda, which is he says, devoid of innovation and worse than ever.

Real culture is flowering as propagandists lose relevance. I'm super pleased. BPS should be too. Don't think in terms of 'the' AI. We're going to have open source AI coming out our ears before long, perhaps thousands of AI serving each individual for the many purposes we need them for. AI to maintain our homes and cars, make grocery lists, and reckon logistics, particularly, in every aspect of our lives.

Centralization is moribund. Decentralization is evolutionary and vital, vibrant, and promising the Moon. And, the rest of the universe, once we get the banksters off our necks.


That is a good way to divide the two. Centralized and Decentralized.

Most of the "stars" on the radio today were created.
All of their songs written by two guys.
Played on stations owned by 6 corporations. Extremely centralized.

Then you find decentralized crowd, and they are all over the place.

Fortunately we no longer need T.H.E.M. for distribution.

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