Understanding the BioWeapon called mRNA vaccine

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First of all we need to understand that Virus has been known to have many definitions which therein lies the problem.

Exosomes are called virus

Peptides are called virus

Cell-debris is called virus

Dormant genes are called virus

Toxic antigens are called virus

Genetic material such as RNA or DNA encapsulated in proteins are called virus

Highly contagious deadly mutating organisms are called virus

So depending on what field of research you are in, viruses actually can carry a different legitimate meaning.

I would say most real scientists would never call a virus a "virus organism" they would recognize a virus as a toxic poison antigen with genetic protein that can affect a living being in a negative way. They would agree that a virus is not a living organism but can be dormant in a human as in non active. This non active genetic antigen is thought of as going live as in active when it expresses its virus genetic sequences inside the human but it would be insisted that it is not a living organism.

It seems only virologists call viruses "living organisms" and have convinced epidemiology researchers to go along with this nonsense and fraud. It is completely unscientific because there is no evidence of a virus existing as a living organism nor is there any real world evidence of a living virus organism contagion.

A virus in humans is essentially the same thing as a virus in a computer, let me explain what I mean by that.

If there is a damaged DNA cell in the body and makes a protein there is a possibility it makes a misfolded abnormal protein. During this process of making proteins, it will create RNA or DNA encoded enzymes that could be defective or mutated.


These defective, mutated or modified enzymes which are like templates for making proteins can get sent out of one cell to tell other cells to make more proteins from the same defective template.

This is a natural function of mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) which is transferred from cell to cell using exosome packets. So these defective or mutated mRNA packets of encoded enzyme templates would be a true "virus code" just like a computer virus code.


These wrongly programmed genetic encoded sequences would be a virus and would have been created by damaged DNA that messed up the amino acid construction of the enzyme sequences.

This is known and is why they made an mRNA gene injection drug that mimics this process for spreading defective genes while calling it a safe and effective vaccine. It's totally criminal and is a pure biological weapon of mass destruction.




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any link to Mitochondria Endosymbionts being the definition of a Virus & Gain of Function?