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RE: Are We At the End of Humanity's Mental Capabilities? Black Pigeon Speaks

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I actually downvoted BPS on this video (and many others recently), for his strike against humanity and his caress of the architects of current society...

Instead of pointing out the cause of what he observes, he instead entertains that we have reached a 'limit'. Does not bother telling you it is an artificially induced, Dysgenic system put in place by Bolsheviks.... No, not BPS. BPS protects them.
Watch out for some of these sorcerers.


He, and them are not sorcerers.

You can call them wizards or warlocks.

Sorcerers are someone who can channel energy from source. Source-erers.
And, in order to do that, you have to maintain a rather high vibration. (else no connection)

They would love to be sorcerers, but their lust for power will forever keep them from attaining it.

And yes, i see the warlocks playing these games.
"Oh these chains are all the rave! Everyone is wearing them now"

Ahh...yes. "the Source"
Sounds great, but it's not that 'source'.
Sorcery comes from latin from Medieval Latin -sortiarius- meaning 'one who sorts'.
It is the channeling of evil spirits, or Egregore, and 'spelling' 'words' to mind control masses via illusion, trickery, deception, etc.
It definitely isn't "Magick".

Do you not like new information? Do you not like to be shown something you weren't aware of, when you try to prove someone wrong? Have you ever 'stood corrected'? Have you ever changed your opinion based on new data?

He, and them are not sorcerers.

They Sort the disinfo and spew it all across the realm, controlling narrative and minds.