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RE: The Old Bait & Switch: COVID-19 "New Cases" & "Record Cases" Are Just Baseless Fear-Mongering

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(because that's how the hospitals got the increased $$)

Creating world theories based on a single country's health system is obviously flawed in the extreme. The other major flaw is basing your hypothesis purely around people tested. This obviously doesn't take into account people who haven't been tested and who may or may not had this virus, thus negating your numbers completely.
Thousands of people around the world in hospital on ventilators and millions of people affected either indirectly might disagree with your nonsense, as might a 34-year-old friend with no known, or discovered previous medical conditions and another friend's 67year-old grandmother who are both now dead.

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of your numbers and the testing methodology, the hospitals are full of people who are very ill, this is a fact. This is a very serious issue so I can't work out your agenda for creating any attempt you can to play it down.

What makes your 'truth' any better than anyone else's?


If you go back and read the many, many posts I've made about this fraud since it started, you'll see that I've looked at all the research, statistics, official statements, test inserts, etc. For far too long. I actually stopped paying attention completely because the fraud is so obvious and there's no reason to waste head space on it - but yesterday this idea of "record cases" (in the US specifically) popped up in a few different conversations. So I decided to address it.