5G ENABLED HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH - 100 sailors covid positive

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What is wrong with the assumptions made in the following tweet?


As soon as I saw this tweet I immediately dashed off my comment as follows:

Twitter ban Aug 15 2021.png

5G is THE MOST taboo subject on social media!
You are allowed to know that it is deadly but you must not tell anyone else even when it is TOTALLY OBVIOUS!
Even when it is disabling British military!
How self-defeating is this?



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The most important thing to human well being and nobody want to talk about it.

I'm guessing you are referring to the mid-July story and in that case you should tell the other aspects: it was 'only' 100 cases out of more than 1600 personnel onboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth, and they had several days in a port in Cyprus. Now when you have this information, your 5G theory doesn't hold water.
Oh, and the original tweet was of course full of completely false statements. Quite normal when it comes from Melissa Tate.

The cases of "covid" on board the cruise ships did not include all staff and passengers either.
Different people react differently to electro-magnetic radiation just as we are told is the case with this bogus fake "virus" which has never been isolated by anyone, anywhere.

Cyprus has 5G since January 2021.

"This is exactly what happened with the Spanish flu when it broke out on all the naval vessels ships just as they began operating a new radio system 1G."

"They tried to hide it with the vaccines then, so there seems to be nothing new under the sun, they have been playing this game with us for a long time now!

Upon much more research I found out it was the military in control of the cover up.

Remember folks, the military crucified Jesus for telling everyone to stop paying taxes and start using their brains!

Whatever you believe about the military they have been programmed to obey orders and not criticize anything.

They are planning their attack on all of us and are not here to help us in no way, shape or form!

Interesting, it reinforces the understanding that these shots are 'leaky', meaning that they do not prevent transmission or train the body to completely eliminate the entire pathogen. So people who are vaccinated can still be carriers and pass it on. The data in my recent post on this subject covers this and also shows that deaths from COVID often increase following vaccine rollouts.

Now correlate 5G rollouts in your 20 countries. Then we may have agreement.

I don't have time to do all of them atm, but Fiji has no 5G as far as this map says:

Yet Fiji had mortality from vaccines once they rolled out there (non beforehand).

Also no 5G in Namibia, but they saw a similar pattern to Fiji.

I don't know of a source that shows the date of installation of 5G in different areas, do you have one? I can't really look at the regions that have 5G without that info.

Those ookla maps do not take account of the 5G delivered by satellites.
This document from April 2020 may help:

Thanks, I read the page you linked. I am open to EMF changes in the Earth's atmosphere weakening the human biofield or providing insults that otherwise lead to us being more susceptible to pathogens. I think the study you linked shows a possible correlation between 5G technology and lowered immunity in people. There are a few other factors which could confound the results, however - such as 5G technology tending to be installed in the more population dense regions, meaning that people are more compressed into smaller spaces in those areas as compared to other areas (meaning more chance for normal viral transmission).

The data that I have seen as a whole makes abundantly clear that whatever COVID19 is, it is not purely a symptom of 5G. It makes sense to me that it is a virus or exosome type phenomena (perhaps even having roots in non physicality such as belief systems and emotions than it does purely physical materials - though this clearly isn't a common view).

I think the vaccines and 5G could both possibly be making it more likely for the virus to be passed between people or symptoms worsening - just as pollution and stresses of other kind can reduce immune response and thus open us to pathogenic attack. I wrote an article on the perverseness of stressing people with constant fear and control in terms of trying to prevent viral infections a while back which got good responses. I accept that EMF pollution can add to stress and so it is possible that 5G has some connection to the situation, but I don't see solid evidence of 5G being fundamentally causal to COVID19 in and of itself.

Wishing you well!

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