Pricks, Press-stitute Puppets And A Dying Agenda - Enjoy with Troy!

For over two years we were fed the propaganda lie and the world stopped.

The world has grown weary of hearing about covid. Today, there is a great awakening and many can see through the Faauci ouchi lies that prick the fabric of our nation. Yet, the press-stitute state run media persists, and some fools would gladly sign up for a fourth or fifth jab. It seems with the college educated brainwashed, critical thinking is dead. But that is not all that seems dead.

Population Control

Funeral homes have reported major increases in their business.

Trend analysists Cliff High and Gerald Celente have both predicted we would see an increase of deaths, during the winter and spring of 2022 -2024. This appears to be the case. And this trend persists in those who have been triple vaxed. It has been reported that the booster is up to ten times more lethal than the first and second jab.

As liberals are more inclined to be pricked and jabbed, perhaps they are killing their own.



Did you know that Bill Gates and the Chinese own most of the farmland in the USA. Those who control the stomach, control the people.

Closer to home, I have personally known of five friends who have died, who have been triple jabbed. Their death was not directly caused from the jab. It was usually cancer, heart, chronic pain or brain malfunctions. Yet, it seemed these happed a month or two following the jab.

It is believed that the jabs compromises the human immune system. The spiked proteins help to create blood clotting, and further health concerns are advanced in the jab injections of graphene oxide. These jabs allow cancer or heart attacks to manifest itself, weeks, months or even a year following being jabbed. Think of it as a ticking time bomb inside your body.

Problem Reaction Solution

We have seen far too often the problem, reaction solution agenda. A supposed concern is presented to the public to initiate the reaction of fear. It is then, that their solution become the real hidden agenda. This was the case with 911 and bringing in the big brother security state. The steel in the twin towers had to be weakened, as a plane could not bring them down alone. It was a controlled demolition to instill fear in the American public. And why was it reported on before it happened? What about building no. 7? But I digress.

I believe covid had the same three part plan. The virus was unleased on the world as the press-stitute media instilled fear to create the compliance to a vaccine. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine would have served the public well, but not the state. They needed a vaccine passport tracker that connected with 5G and altered the human DNA.

But we never needed to believe the propaganda, nor did the world need to stop.. or folks have to die.



The Puppet Trick

As we were distracted to look here... not here, the organized Deep State Controlled Demolition of America and the world was taking place. At the same time, there was a great awakening to the real truth of what was happening.

The deep state pulls all the strings as politicians and figureheads spin lies. How craftily they distract or give the illusion of a choice... and freedom.

Honestly folks, this all was a one - two punch of depopulation and control. The virus was the first punch followed by the vaccines. Remember, it is always about the solution, not the problem. The filthy deep state plans to depopulate the world to 500 million by 2030. They told us this on the Georgia Guidestones, and they are way behind schedule. First, Trump put them behind, and secondly, covid did not turn out as effective as they hoped for. It seems today, Russia and Putin is also standing in their way. He is moving toward a gold backed Ruble, and that interferes with their one world digital currency global reset. And then, the underground bombed bio labs... but I digress.

How quickly the propaganda media changed their agenda to Ukraine.

The Aftermath

And now...

I encourage you to boost your immune system with vitamin C, D and zinc. Social distancing is good, but masks have never been effective. If you have been jabbed, consider a body cleanse to eliminate the bad toxins and other crap that is nesting in your body. And, above all... don't believe any of the filth that the press-stitute state run media is telling you, or the political puppets that are strung to propagate lies.

Yes, covid is dying. And sadly good folks are dying, too. But with the great awakening to the truth, the corrupt are losing their power to prick our world.

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