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The Fear

There is the belief that storms and bad floods are caused by climate change. Politicians, journalists and activists envoke this fear of extreme weather to scare you to support expensive climate policy. It seems that people like to repeat these scary and unfounded slogans. Using fear in this agenda is common but what if it is not true?

The truth is while extreme participation might increase in the future, there is no historic consistency to support an extreme. Scientists have concluded there is no compelling evidence for clnmate-driven changes that result in floods.

The Claim

In 2018 the Globe and Mail published an article by Glen Hodgsom. He argued that rising costs for insurance companies from severe weather mean we need to do more to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Perhaps insurance companies wanted to use money from the climate change agenda to soften their own losses and increase their profit.

The Truth

The truth is emission reductions will not have a big effect on climate. Taking action like closing our factories or taking our cars off the road would not stop bad weather and even cripple us economically. There are far more people and valuable building today in the path of bad weather. The cost of damage has gone up because there is more stuff to get damaged. Where there once was farm land, today there is suburbia with expensive and valuable buildings.

Since 1990, global weather related disaster losses have been trending down, not up. - Reported by Dr. Roger Pielke.

Recent droughts are not unprecedented, as 1930's and 1950's saw the worse droughts. Hurricane intensity has been declining since 2005 and is currently at a 40 year low. Forest fires have declined in Canada and the UK in the last decades.


It seems the insurance companies want a hand out just like the banks got. They are using lies from climate change fraud to try to achieve this.

Increased payouts by the the insurance companies are due to the increased population and size of the economy. There is no evidence that climate change is causing storms, floods or fires here or anywhere. If you hear otherwise, hang on to your wallet and your common sense.

The video is 7 minutes. Below are the liner notes.

Dr. John Robson investigates the claim of rising insurance payouts due to climate change making extreme weather worse, and finds instead that they're explained entirely by increasing population and prosperity.

Other Articles on Climate Change Fraud

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As Old George Says...

People can't take care of themselves, what makes them think they can help this world survive. The earth has been taking care of itself for centuries. It will be around long after we are gone. Yep. Old George Carlin was spot on.

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