Debunking Climate Fraud 97% of Scientists Slogan - Please Share This Video - Enjoy with Troy!

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Debunking the 97% Myth

With climate change being forced as agenda and the your being indoctrinated on the propaganda, have you ever wondered where that 97% of scientists quote was formed. Would you believe it actually was one half of 1%.

Statistics Lie Where There is Money

Well, statistics can misinform and lies are formed when there is money to be had. Dr. John Robson explains the ill quoted figure which has propelled the issue. I have also recently wrote on this in an article called Who Profits From Climate Change by Dr. Shiva, the inventor of email.

The Video is at 16 minutes.

Dr. John Robson investigates the unsound origins and fundamental inaccuracy, even dishonesty, of the claim that 97% of scientists, or "the world's scientists", or something agree that climate change is man-made, urgent and dangerous.

As Old George Says...

People can't take care of themselves, what makes them think they can help this world survive. The earth has been taking care of itself for centuries. It will be around long after we are gone. Yep. Old George Carlin was spot on.

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97% of graduating scientists all believe the same thing.
... else they would not be graduating. (not because its true)


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Thank you so much my friend. We are on the same page. I will be doing more of these in the near future. We must educate the masses of this. @lichtblick

I love truth, I hate being lied to.

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I do too. That is why I look for it. Blessings.

I'll bookmark this vid, watch it later. Thank you!

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You are so welcome @ironshield