What Is Scary About 6G Being Two Years Ahead Of Schedule?

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What we have spoken about for almost 10 years already is now taking shape. In my mid 30's I found transhumanism mesmerizing until I began to see the light. I once worshiped the AI god. The truth is a brain interface will be necessary to interact with, General Intelligence AI (also called Artificial General Intelligence or AGI), and which will decide what Virtual Reality, VR, you're allowed to live in, based on your social credits.

But before we get there, the 6G scenario it sold as a "problem solver" again. Now, look around you. What has become of all this promising technology that should have been implemented to help our civilization prosper since the early 2000s?

Instead, everything went from bad to worse. Technology did not free us, far to the contrary. And this is a omen onto itself.

No serious ideas or concepts have been proposed so far to restore our planetary biodiversity. Besides hearing about more "corporate solutions" to fix the deliberate mismanagement of natural resources (most of which are fake ones), the REAL promising technological advances are simply shunned.


Those who want to save the world do not even speak of shutting down the single plastic use industry! And rightfully so, they will never take responsibility for the ecological breakdown. So why would they push for long-term solutions that can make a huge difference?

World lawmakers are not even paying attention to all independent 5G studies contending that 5G is a health hazard and that longer studies are required.

And there is another reason for that. The real reason is that the agenda to contain the crowds further and even govern their perceptions to no end. And AGI will offer the ruling ideology this "golden opportunity". Total control through VR!

The danger is that once the brain interface comes into law, AGI, will be able to download our entire data and replace or alter what it deems necessary to match countless VR storylines. And even before realizing it, coming back from your virtual world may no longer be possible at this stage. People will be assigned to their own virtual prison.

General Intelligence AI is truly the end game and we have 10-15 years left at the most. Right now, people are being groomed to give away their consent and to eventually regard VR as an escape from a world destroyed by corporations and various institutional breakdowns.

People have begun to understand that something is deeply amiss and that materialism is a dead end: they no longer believe working hard will lead to a better life, survey shows:

This means that economic growth no longer appears to drive trust, at least in developed markets - upending the conventional wisdom." We are living in a trust paradox," said Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman. The ruling ideology does not care about the planet but seeks to achieve General Intelligence AI, no matter what, to defy all the Natural Laws that regulate Life in the entire universe, and this to create a synthetic world on its own and using all the human data that can possibly exist. (link below)

The future General Intelligence AI has for us in the store is a social and digital credit-based system for the crowds, and this means that it is now time to really ponder the question: do we really need money to make the world a better place and end this nefarious mascarade?


QUOTE: “With the help of advanced sensors, AI, and communication technologies, it will be possible to replicate physical entities, including people, devices, objects, systems, and even places, in a virtual world,” the white paper states.

"In a 6G environment, through digital twins, users will be able to explore and monitor the reality in a virtual world, without temporal or spatial constraints. Users will be able to observe changes or detect problems remotely through the representation offered by digital twins."

But the main user of 6G technology, according to Samsung, will actually be machines. The firm cites estimations that there will be 500 billion connected devices in the world by 2030 – 59-times larger than the expected world population by that time. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/6g-samsung-digital-twins-holograms-a9620071.html