No Human Trial For Elon Musk's Neuralink?

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This is another red alert, we're afraid!

A couple of days ago, the ran an article about Musk presenting a pig during a live stream, saying that the latter had a brain chip, but has not yet produced scientific data to support his claim. Musk contends that his brain chip will help overcome various debilitating illnesses. It reminded us of Bill Gates saying that his vaccine could save the world.

The two men share another fact in common: both got their "products" greenlighted by the FDA to expedite the regulatory process for products “that provide for more effective treatment or diagnosis of life-threatening. Exactly how and why Bill's vaccine has only taken only a few months to be approved.

Two billionaires working on alleviating human misery. What could go wrong knowing that the government is backing them up?

But there are more dangers out there, and the latter come from Silicone Valley. Many are, of course, naive and completely clueless about the real agenda. Thinking that in the event we'd be able to access superpowers, we'd get away with almost anything is kinda child-like.

Technology is not going to eliminate the power game, either or people at the top will consolidate their grip. Our covid ordeal is already very telling. Thinking that technology is going to miraculously eliminate inequality has no rational ground. Especially when the average mindset has not changed.

This is the most urgent problem that we see in the "money-free community" and everywhere else. Many are overly optimistic and think that automation and a brain chip will fix it all. Immortality is a strong sales pitch. We, at Earth Custodians, absolutely refuse to identify ourselves with any pro-AI technocrats.

We've got enough tech as it is: we'd pause and analyze the ruling classes' prerogative because we can't move forward without addressing the elephant in the room. The ruling elites are not going to vanish because humans accept to have a brain interface. As a matter of fact, this is what they want!

As sad as it may sound, many have not yet realized that the elites have always been predatory, yet they are the archetypes society expects us to worship a daily basis. That could be denial too because such deception is difficult to handle.

But this needs to be sorted out NOW, because there is a reason as to why Musk is speeding up the approval process of his brain-computer chip. Yes, allow us to repeat that again: no human trials are planned and there is no scientific data linked to Gertrude, the pig that was (or is) experimented on according to the

Two days ago, CNBC wrote that the design was tested on at least 19 different animals with almost 87% success rate, last year.

There you have it: 19 animals only and this neurolink will be soon ready for mass implementation as it is also supposed to cure depression, among other things. In this insane covid environment, patients will be easy to convince. In July 2019, Musk was heard saying that he's hopeful to have an implant in a human patient by the end of 2020. Read it as you wish. Musk wasn't referring to any human trial here.

Got your chip... Got your vaccine?

The conclusion is pretty simple. The more knowledge the more complex issues become because Nature has made sure that knowledge without awareness would not be allowed in the Universe.


The tech industry's God complex is getting out of control
Silicon Valley's brightest stars are increasingly swept up in the fantasy that technology will give us superpowers

The NSA now has superpower surveillance ability. Hackers have the superhuman ability to invade and control our computers. Advertisers have superhuman behavior modification powers to influence what we purchase. Andreessen chooses to believe that technology is balancing the scales by giving individuals powers that put them on a level playing field with existing authorities. But that's far from certain.

We shouldn't deny or dismiss the transformative power of technology. But we should investigate very carefully the psychological and political implications of embracing the superpower metaphor.

But a bigger challenge is in understanding how fixation on superhuman abilities transforms feelings of powerlessness into attitudes of superiority.

And it is certainly true that the smartphone -- infinitely more accessible and far cheaper than the personal computers of yesterday -- democratizes access to the information age. But what he fails to mention is that, when everyone has superpowers, that's the same as nobody having superpowers, and the same social inequities that give some people advantages over others will reassert themselves. The advantages of class, wealth and location don't vanish.

Superpowers don't make us better people, and they won't necessarily deliver us a better world. But the people who figure out how to sell them will become very, very rich.

Elon Musk Reveals New Details About Neuralink, His Brain Implant Technology (May 2020)



The ruling elites are not going to vanish because humans accept to have a brain interface. As a matter of fact, this is what they want!

So much this. They are desperate to control every facet of their slaves (us) lives. How long we live, the health of that life and now a chip to rewrite our programs into being better obedient slaves for their amusement.

we really are at crossroads where all those power issues collide into a giant one. I couldn't find the article you suggested a month or so ago anymore by the way... be well

Thanks for writing about this!