Half A Million Sharks Could Be Killed For Vaccine (and counting)

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That's correct and there is more to say about sharks than this headline. We have extensively written about pharmaceuticals since the COVID crisis broke out, and Earth Custodians have indeed become (somewhat) obsessed with the healthcare industry as a result.

But we won't mince our words as the latter is now the biggest threat that humankind has ever faced!

We are not dealing with people who think in holistic terms but see the planet and humans as "experimental labs" because they have been groomed for addressing the symptoms instead of treating the causes. And the indoctrination is so out of control now that they systematically agree to destroy nature ever further... to save lives.

Sharks wiped out in Angola to sell fins to China (Sept 2020, link below)

We, at Earth Custodians, call this extreme "cognitive dissonance". Remember our blog revealing that the CDC wondered if breastfeeding had to be delayed to maximize the vaccine efficiency? How can they come up with such ideas? And now they are pondering the killing of 500K sharks for a rushed vaccine that is going to alter our DNA forever?

And from one horror to the next... the same article tells us that 3 million sharks are culled yearly for cosmetics and machine oil. To put everything back into perspective, sharks have to wait 8 to 12 years to reproduce, depending on the species. Then we also have sharks being harvested for their fins and the hunt will continue unabated because sharks disappear and fin prices go up as a result.

It is always a demand and supply that rules the market we are told. There cannot be any profit without exploitation... But how long can it last?

Hong Kong customs seize 38,500 endangered shark fins (26 tonnes of smuggled shark fin) Wild Aid estimates some 73 million sharks are killed every year for the trade. (link below: phys.org)

We are getting close to 80 million sharks killed globally -- and yearly -- for the sake of various industries, so yes, why would an extra 500K sharks matter at all? This is the scientific consensus, they do not care about life as long as they come with solutions to save lives!

Bad science has sickened the whole planet. Carl Sagan's quote is very telling... none of this is "real science" and our day of reckoning is here. No escape. We must act and fast.

Omnicide: Who is responsible for the gravest of all crimes? But all of us have created and are creating the conditions in which omnicide is inevitable. (link below)

This article merely hints at a fraction of our unethical actions resulting from the endorsement of scientific Darwinism... this is what we call "scientism". A science completely mechanical and without a soul.

People may shrug at any "pro-Mother Earth" stance because they feel it is completely unscientific. Who will have the last laugh, do you think?

However, Carl Sagan's quote should sound the alarm bells because we are headed for a great universal tragedy at this pace.

We have to rethink everything, because if we have been that wrong about biology, which has severed our umbilical cord with Nature, we ought to wonder about the rise of technology around the corner. We have foreshadowed many possible "scenarios" already. We're running toward a brick wall because all the promising tech out there could just be a giant booby trap... And it is!


Coronavirus: Half a million sharks 'could be killed for vaccine', experts warn (9-28-2020)
Sharks produce squalene, a natural oil made in their livers, which is an ingredient in several COVID-19 vaccine candidates. Squalene is currently used as an adjuvant in medicine - an ingredient that increases the effectiveness of a vaccine by creating a stronger immune response. Around 3,000 sharks are needed to extract one tonne of squalene. If two doses are needed to immunise the global population, which is likely according to researchers, this would increase to half a million.

According to estimates made by conservationists, around three million sharks are killed every year for squalene, which is also used in cosmetics and machine oil. There are fears that a sudden rise in demand for the liver oil could threaten populations and see more species become endangered as many species rich in squalene...




Yes, some of us laugh at the "mother earth" stance because the earth is a spinning ball of iron/nickel with a thin crust of basalt. The earth could burp at any moment and all life would be done. And your "mother earth" wouldn't give a shit because it doesn't think, it doesn't get sick. It just exists.

good luck when we see you on the other side. You'll be the lost one floating and spinning off by yourself.

Brrr! So scary!