CDC Suggests Breastfeeding Is Better Than Vaccination

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Vaccination is a hot topic, and we do believe that scientists execute lab experiments without questioning the long term goal as long as they can validate the purpose of the study. It is their job. They are not paid to dissent. The same happens with GMOs and pesticides, chemicals, etc, and why there is so little opposition in the field.

There isn't much difference between "recommends to stop" and "suggests to delay"... the 1st one is an anti-corporate science stance. But things are likely to change if vaccination is enforced.

We look at the global situation and why we have so much pollution and chronic diseases. Science and money cannot co-exist and we'll have to face this eventually

Yes, the CDC did suggest delaying breastfeeding to enhance vaccination benefits. But frankly, Pharmaceuticals very often used nuanced recommendations. Central banks do this also all the time. Do they not realize what they have stumbled upon?

In demonstrating that breastmilk counters the live vaccine, they’ve shown that breastmilk counters the virus. This is a huge acknowledgment in itself, but further, we are told that a covid vaccine may only work 50% of the time and that back-to-back vaccination could be necessary (link below).

But Bill Gates gets ready to promote a NEW kind of synthetic breast milk. Coincidence? Some stand to rake in billions unless we stand up.

Many people actually think that exposing the problems with dogmatic science is actually detrimental to science itself.

Those very people do not want to deal with the prospect of the "reformation" of science, and wrongly assume that we can muddle through a transition without causing any shocks to the system... just do not say anything bad about science and problems will fix themselves, right?

Take all this new research on the microbiome and gut health, for example, and which is almost completely invalidating over 100 years of medical research as now the scientific field begins to understand how everything interconnected deeply is.

And the same about the virome. We nearly have 400 trillion viruses in our bodies. Viruses too have their ecosystem but research still is practically nowhere as you read this. And the "germ vs the terrain theories" battle is too looming. Most of the old data and studies do not serve any purpose anymore. It is obvious.

Carl Sagan believed that science needed to embrace more skepticism (be much less dogmatic) to have positive effects on society. We agree... unfortunately, the same dogmatic mentality is what keeps society from liberating itself. Many seek to replace old dogmas with new ones actually in order to prevent the "Great Unravelling".

The only thing that doesn't change is change itself. That's a natural law.

It will be interesting to see what is society going to choose... because the "forced vaccination iceberg" is on the horizon. Yes, it will be interesting to see if holistic science is going to triumph over academic dogmas.

We do live in interesting times!


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The child breastfeeding gets the immunity that the mother has developed in her life. If the mother hasn't been vaccinated against, for example, measles, then the child would not get any immunity against measles from breast milk. So a vaccinated mother would give the child lots of immunity against childhood diseases.