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Once money had been removed, the nature of technology shifted.  No longer driven by profit, where everything sold to the public was designed with a flaw to promote repeat customers (and thereby creating an abundance of waste), the things produced began to be made as close to perfection as possible, for now the designer(s) was personally accountable for the designs, the manufacturer(s) personally responsible for the quality, and no One wanted a bad reputation.

The Ones creating things earned great esteem if what They offered was innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and other aspects that drew Others to the work.  And everyOne creating things did so because They loved the work, They had the time, the materials, the tools, the space to make such creations.  And They had robots for aspects of the creation no One wanted to do.

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And there were surely a great Many who loved to create robots.  Competitions arose to design and create robots for various needs, with the winners earning praise, respect, appreciation – and even the losers earned some of that.  Some created robots that could fix things – from broken stuff to other robots.  And robots filled in anywhere work was needed and not enough People wanted to do it.

No longer tied to money, medical technology focused on actually healing People, not merely covering symptoms so as to have “repeat customers” – for profit.  Research was not marginalized and suppressed that showed natural cures, because the focus was on health, not profit.  And doctors were doctors because They cared, earning thanks, honor, reputation, gratitude.  They were not stifled if They went “against the grain” and threatened profits.

“Trade secrets” vanished – Any who hid Their work earned no positive social currency, and surely made no fame.  In fact, innovation was shared freely and proudly.  And the more in line with nature, the more compatible, the better an innovation was received.  And so, technology moved to a more harmonious position with the nature of Our planet.

There was no point to duping Others.  The gains in adoration initially would be lost and then some when the duping was discovered.  So no One made claims They could not back up.

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So how did Humanity manage to put down the tool called “money?”  Many set to work experimenting with ideas to create free energy – and They did not file for patents.  Instead, They shared Their successes freely.  This ensured that the technology got out to People, rather than being nipped in the bud when the psychopaths in control were notified of the tech, via the patent process, and swooped in to buy the patent, set the inventor up for blackmail, threaten the inventor and family, ruin Them, or just kill Them.

Once the free energy technologies were out, and People were building the setups, it took about 10 years for money to be displaced.  100% of the cost of everything was energy.  The resources sit freely on Our planet, but it took energy to put them in useful configurations.  And in scarcity environments, all hands were needed to produce necessary things, so the practice of “accounting” for the energy any One added arose.

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One had to prove One added energy to be allowed access to the produce and production of Others.  One could help build a house and earn, not social currency such as gratefulness and lauds, but tangible things, like grain and meat.  As direct exchange became cumbersome, representational tokens arose.  Shells and beads were popular tokens initially, but these were not so rare, and anyOne could gather them or make them.  So less “counterfeitable” tokens became popular.  Metals, in particular.

And of course, when metals became cumbersome, representational tokens such as bills and electronic bits emerged.  But still, it all accounted for the energy We add into the system.  By adding free energy, the point to accounting for it vanished.  By adding the robots for necessary work no One wanted to do, the need to motivate People to do it vanished.


By the time free energy was made available, most “jobs” were merely in place to move the wealth upwards to the Ones at the top – who were at the top because They, by hook and by crook, got the most.  And the Ones willing to be crooks, to be unEthical, in the gaining of the wealth did better than Those who stood on Ethics.  Psychopaths had been promoted to those top positions.

80% or so were “earning a living” doing things that were not necessary for Human survival and comfort.  Rather They rang up “purchases” and collected tokens, They produced advertising and marketing, They balanced the books, They sold things…  They collected taxes…  They worked in insurance, on Wall Street, in casinos, and banks…  All positions that, overall, moved the wealth up.

With 80% freed from doing things because it was a way to survive, things They weren’t really interested in, were bored with, downright hated, and with now access to needed things as They might choose, People were freed to do what They love to do.

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The whole of the point to commerce was removed.  And, as the legal system was set up to deal with only two things – commerce and unEthical behavior choices – the legal system was legacied.  In its place were the three Laws of Ethics, Natural Law expressed as the three things not to do:

1.  Do not willfully and without fully informed consent hurt or kill the flesh of anOther

2.  Do not willfully and without fully informed consent take or damage anything that does not belong to You alone

3.  Do not willfully defraud anOther (which can only happen without fully informed consent)

And the Betterment Ethic took top place over the slave’s creed indoctrinated into society by the psychopaths in control who deceivingly called it a work “ethic.”  This is not to say that the Ethics of doing a job well were abandoned – quite the opposite! – but that One was not expected to pump One’s energy into a system to “deserve” the pittance called a “salary.”  To “deserve” to live.


The Betterment Ethic is keeping an eye out always for ways to make things better for Others – from a hug when anOther is sad, to great performances and inventions and ideas.  The notion to make things better when and where possible took strong hold.

And surely, as problems arose, the Ones affected were moved to solve for them.  Any Ethical solution was praised.

Needless to say, Humanity, now driven by the caring Ones and not the psychopaths, was vastly happier, healthier, and full of opportunity for every single One.  Children were raised to find what They loved to do and do it to the best of Their ability.  Not forced into a mold, learning to obey “authority,” having to find a “career” and hope to get more in pittance than Others.

The arts and the sciences burgeoned.

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Humanity’s greatest dreams were realized, and the planet became a model of purpose and Betterment.  And so it was that money, in all its forms from trade/barter to electronic bits, was removed, and the nature of technology changed for the better – vastly better.  There was no motive to hide and suppress any of it.  Like free energy technology was hidden and suppressed by the psychopaths in control, because money is the single tool They had to affect all the other control.

Money was Their tool to buy all else They used – the things and the People – so keeping free energy tech from Us was a prime concern.

There were still problems, but with a focus on Ethically solving problems (rather than passing legalates (“laws”) and enFORCING them on Others), the problems that emerged were handled.  And We celebrated life on planet Earth.

For more on free energy, and one technology I know We have in black projects, as well as a blueprint for the society with no money, the society of Ethical sovereigns, please watch My playlist of short videos (on Odysee, because I cannot get a single video to upload onto 3Speak) – most are well less than 10 minutes.  And perhaps spend time with My other articles.



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My father taught Me never to believe anything.  He told Me to place probabilities and adjust them as new data come along, asking the question, "Does that explain what I see?," when evaluating data.  He was an aerospace engineer, and worked with T Townsend Brown (see My featured vid on YouToilet).  From a very early age I was concerned that the way I was told things worked, in terms of government and social affairs, did not explain what I saw.  So the first few decades I worked to determine WHY this was.

I wound up in banking, seeing the flow of things in the headquarters of a major bank in Los Angeles.  I became intimately familiar with the flow of money, and economics.  I asked the question, "Why do We use money?"

When the web arrived, My research capabilities flourished, and I learned much that explained what I saw, but the only explanations I found for why We use money started with trade and barter, which are still money in a direct form, and did not answer the WHY.  Then, I came upon the explanation that these were used because, with a finite amount of stuff, it was to ensure that We got Our "fair share" in a scarcity environment, in exchange for the work We added.

From this I realized the WHY.  We were accounting for Our energy input into things.  And that We needed to do this because the Human energy was scarce compared to what We needed to be produced (back then).

I also discovered that over half Our planet's wealth was "owned" by fewer than 100 Humans...

I was very interested in psychology, too.  And studied it deeply, being fascinated by psychopathy, focusing on that aberration, learning that They had discovered a gene that manifested Individuals who were incapable of love, compassion, caring, and empathy for Others – primary psychopaths.  Seeing that the wealth was so disproportionate, and that the families who "owned" it inbred, what would explain what I saw would be that They wanted to retain that psychopathic gene.  Given that the wealth could feed, clothe, house ALL of Us (and give Us freedom) abundantly and many times over, and yet None set forth to care for Humanity, I had to give probability approaching 100% that They are psychopaths, as that explains perfectly what I see, and answers My quest for why the way I was told things worked did not explain what I saw.

And I asked...  If I was a psychopath, with enough wealth to buy anything and anyOne I wanted to, and given that money = power (power over Others is something psychopaths seek), would I be motivated to create a false "reality" for the masses and thereby manipulate Them?  I think You can figure out what answer I came up with.  And would that explain what I see?  Absolutely.

Now, given that money is merely the accounting token used to account for Our Human energy, it would follow that free energy would threaten fully the accounting for Our energy.  If I was a psychopath, with enough money to buy sites like Wikipedia, the media, the education system, etc., would I do all I could to suppress and hide free energy? 

And given I personally know that electrogravitics offers both gravity control and energy from the aether (the electromagnetic field that pervades the universe), and that it went into black projects, such efforts to hide and suppress would explain what I see completely.

So I am neither a "conspiracy theorist," nor am I a "conspiritard," but rather...  I am a conspiracy analyst.  And given this analysis, knowing that conspiracies are the NORM in history and that they didn't just stop some years back, I conclude that conspiracies abound.  That explains perfectly what I see.

Love always.