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RE: The Old Bait & Switch: COVID-19 "New Cases" & "Record Cases" Are Just Baseless Fear-Mongering

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I suggest it's worse than that.  I suggest that the idea of pulling this off started a century or more ago.  When the electron microscope was first developed, there had already been hypothesized a "bug," even as far back as ancient Greece.  When They saw the exosome, They jumped to the conclusion They had found the "bug."  Rockefeller saw the usefulness of the theory both in terms of the fear factor it created and in the pharma profits He could amass.

Beauchamp disagreed with the germ theory, and did experiments trying to pass "disease" from a sick One and a well One, and failed every time, to include injecting bodily fluids.  But Rocky and cohorts had the bucks, the publishing, the media, the universities, and all, and ran with teaching the germ theory as truth.

Now, it is true that living organisms may cause issues, bacteria, fungi, etc.  But it's not true that there are "deadly viruses."

And then, the question comes up...  How do the diseases spread, if not by a bug?  When One grasps that diseases like "flu," "colds," and such are the detoxification of Our bodies, that there are good times of the year to detox, and that We are electromagnetic Beings, and communicate on that level, when One "sees" that it is a good time, that is communicated to Others.

This explains why Some in a family will get sick, and Others do not - They don't need to detox.

Anyway, good point that "cases" means zero.  It's part of the Rockefeller and cohorts' efforts to fear Us into Their full control.