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Cryptocurrency was introduced years ago, since then, regardless of criticisms and antagonistic actions of some countries and people, cryptocurrency and blockchain continues to gain momentum. Another industry that has been a subject of controversy is the cannabis industry. Cannabis is recognized as the world's convectional cultivated, trafficked and commonly used illict drug, but it's health benefits has become acknowledged by some official establishments who have started to push for it's legalization.
Today, several countries have legalized the action of manufacturing, distribution and use of cannabis, significantly creating opportunities for the cannabis industry to be widely adopted and expand it's services. Cryptocurrency and cannabis are both criticized and yet growing stronger due to their influential advantages and actions of optimistic individuals and companies, therefore, combining these industries functions as a successful strategy which develops potential of both sectors. ExerGlobal group Corp has developed VIRIDI cryptocurrency to ensure the cannabis industry achieves more strength in the mainstream market by using blockchain as it's main foundation.

VIRIDI is part of ExerGlobal Group Corp established in CYPRUS. ExerGlobal developed a comprehensive system to operate completely with VIRIDI that interconnects Blockchain and Cannabis industries, as well as integrated with a platform for wallet, public exchanges and much more. In 2019, ExerGlobal was established and currently produces casino and smartphone games worldwide, while release of VIRIDI coin into public stock market was achieved in same year.


ExerGlobal understands the need of the cannabis industry, thus the company intends to strengthen and facilitate continuous development of cannabis industry by offering support in standardization of cannabis and cryptocurrency industries, promote global health awareness, support transparency and democracy by allowing members to share their ideas, opinions etc, provide excellent support in fight against illegal distribution of cannabis after legalization, create a smart system that combines cannabis and cryptocurrency industry potentials.
VIRIDI coin existence provides opportunity for investors to partake in the growth of legalized cannabis companies while also receiving high returns through investing on VIRIDI coin. In recent years, the legalization of cannabis in some countries has increased the use and global sales of legal cannabis , which indicates that cannabis industries is a massive profitable concept. Investing in VIRIDI backed by legalized cannabis and cryptocurrency industries will ensure users receives good profit from their investment.


COSS ( Crypto One Stop Solution) provides features available in digital currencies, where the system offers all aspects of transactions that is mostly managed by fiat currency. COSS essentially provides solution for investments, exchanges, wallets and transactions for users.

This web based tool enables users to monitor and track VIRIDI wallet balance. The application serve as an accessible open ledger that operate without authentication and gives real time data about transactions, prices of VIRIDI on exchanges, shows total number of VIRIDI in circulation etc.

A interoperable platform wallet built to allow users store VIRIDI, view VIRIDI balance and transfer VIRIDI. It also enables users to view and create staking deposits (Masternodes), generate new address on blockchain network and much more.

The VIRIDI coin value provide high returns based on investment in cannabis companies in Switzerland. Coin owners are assured of dividends from these companies, because VIRIDI cryptocurrency operates with support from a lucrative product and business.


Name & ticker: VIC

Consensus algorithm: POW / POS

Instant mine protection: First 520 blocks

Hashing algorithm: HEX

POS starting block: 521

POS phase duration: 17 years

POS block reward: 2,628,000 year / 7,200 day / 300 hour / 5 min.

POS block reward distribution: SeeSaw

Estimated VIC supply during 15 years of POS: 45,000,000

Block size: 1MB

Block time average: 1 min

Number of transaction confirmations: 6

Maturity: 60 confirmations

Viridi Masternodes

7%: of Block Reward

5000: viridi

30%: of Block Reward

15000: viridi

60%: of Block Reward

25000: viridi

ExerGlobal is an amazing project because it continues to offer support in ensuring that cannabis production, distribution and use becomes globally legalize and widely adopted on larger scale, thus merging advantages of cryptocurrency and cannabis industries serve as an excellent technique in achieving the vision of the project.

For more details, kindly visit the official links below ;
Website: https://exerglobal.com/

Mining: http://exermining.com/

White Paper: https://exerglobal.com/Download/pdf/sv/eXer%20Presentation%207lvl.pdf

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